Review of the generation, part 1 – Reader’s Feature

Since the current generation is due to finish soon, I thought I’d take a look back at the games I have personally enjoyed the most of this generation as well a look at the generation as a whole.

Batman: Arkham Knight

Though the Batmobile was a slight misfire in many people’s eyes, and the tank sections could be a drag, there’s no denying that it included some of the most polished combat the series had to offer. And even today the graphics still look incredible, even though this was one of the first AAA releases exclusive to the current generation.

Far Cry 5

I’d never really played Far Cry before the latest release. I took a punt since I was able to use a 20% off code and get it for like 35 quid. I loved how bonkers it could be at times, roaming the countryside with a bear and cougar in tow, picking off enemy bases. It was one of the few games I actually enjoyed the stealth elements. My favoured weapons were a silenced assault rifle and silenced sniper rifle and crossbow. I would take bases by taking out as many as possible from afar with the sniper rifle and then mopping up the remainder with the crossbow and rifle.

Forza Horizon 4

I don’t normally care for racing games, but the Horizon series is probably the one thing that might make me choose Xbox over Sony in the future. If anything, the actual racing is my least favourite thing. I love beating speed traps and stunt jumps and the showcase races where you race a train or a plane or other vehicle. Forza Horizon 3 is also great, but I think the latest is just that bit better.

Luigi’s Mansion 3

One of my surprise hits of the last year. It’s a game I probably wouldn’t have normally considered until the review came in. It was a great mix of innovative combat and puzzles, I think it had some great boss fights too and mostly managed to strike a good balance between being challenging without being too frustrating,

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

I hadn’t played a Mario Kart game in years but they always seem to be consistently good games. I’ve not owned a Nintendo console in years and tried similar games, but they just don’t come close. Before I got the Switch, I bought Crash Team Racing for the PlayStation 4 but it just didn’t come anyway near close to Mario Kart in my opinion.

Resident Evil 2

I’m old enough to remember playing the original version and at first was a little disappointed that the remake wouldn’t be a direct copy with the old tank style controls. However, the third person over-the-shoulder view really works and the graphics looked amazing. Having never played Resident Evil 3 I’m looking forward to the coming remake.

God Of War

I loved the story and I feel it is one of the few games that manage to progress the plot without bombarding players with too many cut scenes. The combat was excellent and features one of the best weapons in a game. I also think it has one of the best openings to a game I’ve ever played. It’s such a great first hour or two.

Marvel’s Spider-Man

I love a superhero game and this was one of my favourite games in a stand-out year. This is one of the few games that I have ever completed 100% and to date my only Platinum trophy.

Super Mario Odyssey

I loved how imaginative this game was with all the different capture options. My favourite has probably got to be the T-Rex. I really hope they either release a sequel or perhaps a remaster of Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2. I’ve never played either of them but heard good things. Any 3D Mario game announced soon would be great though.

Uncharted 4

After Arkham Knight it seemed to be a while before another high profile release came along, so a lot was riding on Uncharted 4 to deliver and it didn’t disappoint. I think it’s my favourite in the series and was a fitting end to the franchise if it’s the last of Nathan Drake.

Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

This is currently the game I am playing and boy at times it can be frustrating. Why are all weapons seemingly cursed to shatter after five mins? Why is it crushingly difficult at times? Why is gaining extra health and stamina so time consuming? But for all its faults it’s also brilliant. It’s one of the best-looking games I’ve played and the game world is a joy to explore. The creatures are varied and unique and nothing beats the feeling of finding a new shrine.

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