Resident Evil Village Walkthrough Part 5 – Castle Dimitrescu Mask Locations And Hall Of Ablution Statue Puzzle

We’ve just taken down the first Dimitrescu daughter and we’ve got hold of the Sanguis Virginis in Part 4 of our Resident Evil 8 walkthrough, so let’s see where our Resident Evil Village walkthrough takes us in part 5. If you followed our last guide, you should be in the Main Hall of Castle Dimitrescu. To start us off, head upstairs into the Wine Room.

Place the Sanguis Virginis on the plinth inside and you’ll be treated to some Gunpowder and the Courtyard Key. Once you have it, head back down the stairs of the Main Hall and go to the Dining Room to use your Courtyard Key on the door inside. There’s a good chance you’ll be attacked by one of the daughters on the way, but just dodge around her and get to the door.

There are a couple of vases out here to smash for some Metal Scrap and an Herb. There’s also a hanging birdcage that you can shoot down for a big bag of Lei – you can hear it swinging in the wind if you listen. Once you’re done, head to the door on the South side of the Courtyard.

When you walk through the door, you’ll catch a glimpse of Lady Dimitrescu walking up the stairs. There’s a drawer with some Chem Fluid at the bottom of the stairs. Once you’ve grabbed it, head up. You’ll find a vase with some Lei inside at the top. Go through the door and head left, where you’ll hear Lady Dimitrescu having a tantrum. Keep following the corridor around, passing the locked door on your left. Grab the Castle Map (Main) from the wall nearby and then continue along the corridor.

If you open the map, you’ll see that the Hall of Ablution is through a door nearby. We’re heading there in a second, but go around the corner first and open a drawer to get some Handgun Ammo. Now head into the Hall of Ablution.

Resident Evil Village – Hall of Ablution Statue Puzzle

Inside you’ll see a pool of water and four statues that you can rotate around. At the end of the room, there’s a plaque that reads: “Women are blind to male advances, but the poor shall take their chances to give the lord their bounty sown, so that soon the wine may flow.”

  • To solve the puzzle, turn the two women statues to face each other.
  • Turn the man on the horse to face the poor woman.
  • Turn the pair of beggars to face the man on the horse.
  • The pool will then drain, revealing a way down.

Head down into the drained pool and climb down the ladder below. Right at the bottom, you’ll find a Goat of Warding on your left. Slash or shoot it. Now head through the shallow liquid that most definitely is not water and grab the Rusted Scrap from near the hanging corpses. Once you have it, take the other path and it’ll loop round to a torch – don’t mind the zombie noises. There’s a breakable box here – smash it for some Handgun Ammo. Once you have it, take the left passage from the box and watch out for the zombie that jumps up out of the liquid. Shoot it until it stops moving.

Head straight and then left, towards the shelves full of casks (there’s also a little side path here with another zombie and some Handgun Ammo). Shoot the other zombie that appears behind them and then head to where it came from, moving towards the Distillery on your map. There’s another zombie ahead, as well as some Shotgun Ammo.

Keep going towards the Distillery. Grab the Rusted Scrap on your right and watch for another zombie jumping up out of the liquid. When you come to a more open room, a few more zombies will attack. Take them down. Make sure you grab any Crystal Skulls they drop to sell at The Duke, and grab the Rusted Scrap and Handgun Ammo from the room where they appeared.

Keep heading around and you’ll come to some stairs and another zombie. Deal with the enemy and head up. Break open the box at the top for some Lei, and then grab on the pulley to ascend to a balcony on the outside of Castle Dimitrescu. If you turn back on yourself at the top, there’s an Herb at the edge of the balcony. Grab that and then follow the balcony around to the left. There’s a room on the left here with a typewriter to save your progress, as well as some Lei. Get that and then head back outside and straight on, towards the sound of the ringing telephone.

Once the cutscene ends, head to the end of the balcony and smash open the vase – what? I always keep my vases on the balcony that I totally have in my house. I also fill them with Handgun Ammo. Grab that and head through the door.

Inside Dimitrescu’s Chamber, you’ll find a diary, a cot for a baby, and, most importantly Dimitrescu’s Key is hanging from a candle at the Southwest corner of the room. Use the key to unlock the gilded door on the North side, near the giant dress. Once the cutscene ends, you’ll find yourself back in the cellar.

Take a right out of your cell to get some Gunpowder, and then head the opposite way down the only path available. Take a left into the next cell for a box with some Lei, then head outside the cell and crawl through the hole in the wall ahead. Once you’re through, pull the lever on your right and head into the Dungeon. Follow the candles through, grabbing any items you see along the way and pull the handle on the other side.

After the cutscene, run from Lady Dimitrescu down the corridor and bait her into the room – exit through whatever archway she doesn’t enter through and sprint straight back to the lever and interact with it again. It will take a few seconds for the gate to lift up, so sprint away, bait, and get around her again before running through the door next to the lever at the earliest opportunity. Keep running and you’ll get to another door – use Dimitrescu’s Key on the door and enter. As soon as you enter, grab the Mask of Sorrow from the statue and it’ll trigger another cutscene.

Once the cutscene ends, you’ll be back in the castle’s Courtyard. There’s a door nearby that you can use Dimitrescu’s Key on, but first, you’ll have to deal with some zombies. Once you’ve dealt with them, unlock the door and head through. Grab the Castle Map (Annex) from the wall and head up the stairs. At the top of the stairs, there’s a glass cabinet you can smash to get some Gunpowder and there’s a drawer with Handgun Ammo inside. From the drawer, take a left and through the door to find yourself above the Opera Hall. Follow the balcony along on the left side, opposite the stairs, and kill the zombie ahead. There’s a box in the room here that contains the Flower Swords Ball. Once you have that, head to the other side of the balcony and unlock the drawer there with a lockpick for some Sniper Rifle Ammo. Head down the stairs, killing any enemies you encounter along the way. There’s some Rusted Scrap down here, some Gunpowder, and a vase containing some Handgun Ammo. Once you have all that, interact with the piano.

Resident Evil Village Piano Puzzle

The piano puzzle is pretty easy to solve. It’s just a case of matching the notes on the sheet music, but you don’t need to get each key right the first time. You just need to press any key and see where the circle lands on the sheet. If the circle is lower than the note, you need to press a key somewhere to the right – the further off the circle is, the further off the key. If you’re too high, you need to go to a key somewhere on the left.

Once you’ve completed the sheet music, the piano will open up a secret compartment and present you with the Iron Insignia Key. Now is a good time for a little detour to top yourself up at The Duke. Click the Next link below for Part 6 of our RE8 walkthrough.

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