Resident Evil 3 Drops A Gory New Jill Valentine Trailer

With Resident Evil 3 remake right around the corner and the open beta testing for the Project Resistance mode beginning soon, a new trailer has been released showing off more of the iconic characters we know along with the new survivors.

Throughout the trailer the characters speak of events that veterans of the original game will recognize. Moving the train is a necessary step to progress through the game, and the potential for a T-Virus vaccine at the hospital forces characters to divert their original plans. A doctor describes being trapped there by “every sort of abomination,” which is true, players should expect to find things far deadlier than shuffling zombies when they visit that place.

Jill declares that she is “in” but also on the side of the survivors, and not the armed team sent in by Umbrella. Carlos tries to keep things calm by stating, “It’s cool, we all want the same thing.” Which is technically true, since most of the response team sent into Raccoon City were under the impression that they were sent to help, while only a select few of the higher ups know of their real mission.

We are only a short while away from the formal launch of the game, and so far, everything looks stellar. Resident Evil 3 will be releasing on April 3 on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

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