Redfall Started Development In 2017, Assisted By Id Software

Several LinkedIn profiles have revealed that Id Software is assisting Arkane Studios with development on Redfall, which has apparently been in the works for at least four years.

The LinkedIn discoveries come courtesy of Twitter user Timur222, who has found information through employee LinkedIn pages several times in the past, including finding out that MachineGames’ Indiana Jones game had started production. Considering these posts are made by the developers themselves, you can take most of the information as gospel.

This time around the information focuses directly on Redfall, Arkane Studios’ upcoming cooperative vampire shooter. The LinkedIn page for senior 3D artist Francisco Cruz III reveals that Redfall has been in development since the release of Prey: Mooncrash in 2017, which means that Redfall has been in the works for at least four years now.

It’s important to note that development doesn’t strictly mean that the game has been being actively worked on since 2017. The process is pretty clearly listed through this LinkedIn post, which says that Francisco worked on the game through its “incubation” period, which is essentially the pre-production, gathering ideas phase of development.

The second LinkedIn reveal is that Id Software, the Doom developers, has been assisting Arkane in the development of Redfall. This comes courtesy of animator Jeff Senita, who also updated his profile to include some of the things he’s recently worked on. Within that update, he posted that he had worked on “additional animations” for Redfall.

Interestingly, that part of his profile is now deleted, which implies that this information wasn’t something that Id or Bethesda wanted the public to find out, perhaps in fear of fans thinking that Id isn’t working on anything of its own. This shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise though, as it’s not uncommon for studios to work together like this and assist with the next big game from the publisher. We’ve even seen this from Bethesda before, with MachineGames apparently helping with development on Deathloop, as revealed by another LinkedIn profile.

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