Red Dead Redemption 2: Where To Find And How To Hunt The Legendary Big Horn Ram

Red Dead Redemption 2 offers nearly endless hours of activities for players to enjoy. From scripted side missions to random encounters, there is always something to experience in Rockstar’s open-world game. One great activity is hunting legendary animals. These creatures tend to be a bit more elusive than their regular counterparts, but the rewards are definitely worth the extra hassle.

Legendary animals will always drop perfect pelts, no matter how you kill them. They can also be sold to the trapper or fences to craft certain unique clothing or trinkets – items that grant perks to your character. So, if it be the legendary ram that ye seek, read on.

Where To Begin

You can start the hunt for the legendary big horn ram in the West Grizzlies, just northeast of Cattail Pond – a good spot for some fishing. It’s a beautiful part of the map but can be rather chilly, so bring some warm clothes to keep your cores up while you’re hunting.

Also, raise your cores. If you’re unsure of where this is exactly, head to Valentine and go directly west, you should find it after a short hike or ride.

The Clues

You’ll find the first clue east of the northern shoreline, so go into Eagle Eye and look for the shimmering yellow particles to find your first clue. The first clue can also appear on your map as a question mark. Be careful while you’re focusing on the tracks, as bears inhabit this region and have a nasty habit of sneaking up on unwary hunters. However, if you want to try recreating a scene from the Revenant, maybe don’t avoid the bears. Not the legendary bear though, that’s somewhere else.

The second clue can be found just along the southern shore of the pond. There are normally moose around the pond so don’t let them distract you, and don’t accidentally focus on their tracks.

Keep following the ram tracks and they’ll take you into the pond slightly. You should see some steep rocky formations, the ram will likely be up there. This isn’t Skyrim, so don’t try to climb straight up. Instead, head around to the south and go up the more gentle slope.

How To Stay Stealthy

Make sure you stay crouched or use some cover scent to ensure the ram doesn’t get spooked and run away. From the top of the rock formations, you should be able to see the glaringly white ram. Use your Dead Eye to shoot it in the head a few times and it’ll go down.

If you want to get a clean kill for roleplay purposes then use a poison arrow and stay hot on its tail while it succumbs to the poison. If you want to hunt something more deadly, something you’ll definitely want to stay hidden from, try hunting the legendary alligator.

Where To Take Your Trophies

Skin the ram and put its hide on your horse. Don’t forget to grab the carcass too, as you can sell this to a trapper too. The best trapper to go to is the one to the east, just over and between the V and E in New Hanover on the map.

This is the most efficient trapper to go to as he’s close to the Emerald Ranch fence, so you can sell all the ram parts quickly. Don’t worry if you get killed en route and lose your trophy, the trapper will “find” the material, you’ll just miss out on the profit from selling it all.

What It Unlocks

You’ll want to sell both the hide and the carcass to the trapper. This will allow you to purchase three pieces of clothing – the Legendary Ram Batwing Chaps, the Legendary Ram Hat, and the Legendary Ram Rifleman Gloves. Buy the Legendary Ram Batwing Chaps and the Legendary Ram Hat immediately. For the Legendary Ram Rifleman Gloves, you’ll also need a perfect boar pelt. These are part of the Stalker garment set. You could also use one piece of the hide to make the Legendary Buck Vest, but you’ll need to hunt the Legendary Buck as well to make that. This is part of the Trophy Buck set.

The ram horn you get from skinning the legendary animal can be sold to a fence so that you can unlock the Ram Horn Trinket. This handy horn will allow you to get twice as much Wild Mint, Creeping Thyme, and Oregano from the plants that you pick. This is the perfect boon for any budding Wild West chef. Check here for some of the best trinkets and talismans you can get.

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