Ready at Dawn ‘Still Diligently Working’ on Lone Echo II, No Release Date Yet

Most of the videogames VRFocus was looking forward to playing in 2020 have arrived and mostly met expectations. There are a couple which haven’t, Low-Fi which is now expected Q1 2021 and Oculus exclusive Lone Echo II. Today Ready at Dawn issued an update for the sci-fi adventure which doesn’t bode well for a 2020 launch.

In a brief post the studio was straight to the point saying: “While we have no new information regarding a release date for Lone Echo II to announce right now, we wanted to take a moment to assure you we are still diligently working to bring you Jack and Liv’s next adventure together as soon as we are able.”

The original 2017 title was a bit hit with VR fans, a rich sci-fi narrative when you played a robot called Jack, there to aid Captain Olivia Rhodes’ survival in the depths of space. So the followup has been highly anticipated, especially when it was announced in 2018 for release last year. Videogame development is quite often hit with delays for one reason or another and Lone Echo II was pushed into this year.

Obviously, when the pandemic struck and a lot of businesses had to shift to remote work that also affected development. “We’ve discovered new ways to create, communicate and collaborate and we like how the game is looking. Working remote is not without its challenges, however, and we’ve needed to stretch development beyond our desired timeframe,” the blog post continues.

So for the time being the launch date seems to be a state of hiatus, with no clear indication whether it’ll be 2020 or most likely moved into 2021; just remember, good things come to those who wait.

For now, though, there are still plenty of titles coming to Oculus platforms this year. Battle royale Population: One is due by the end of the month, while Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond is scheduled for December. As further details on Lone Echo II are released, VRFocus will keep you updated.

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