Rainbow Six Extraction "Will Appeal To A Wide Variety Of Players," Ubisoft Says

Despite Rainbow Six Extraction sharing some similar basic gameplay with Rainbow Six Siege, Ubisoft is confident the two projects can easily coexist on the market, finding their own different audiences.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction is a more modern take on tactical FPS, with the ability to play the game solo or in co-op. Creative director Patrik Méthé, in a conversation with Gamespot, said Extraction and Siege are “both very different games offering their own challenges and pacing,” and Ubisoft has no worries regarding the two possibly cannibalizing each other’s audiences. The creative director added everyone at Ubisoft Montreal feels very confident and “quite the opposite” in that regard.

According to Méthé, the new game “will appeal to a wide variety of players from both sides.” As Extraction’s formula changes, notably depending on certain operators and their abilities, the title will provide enough challenge even for the hardcore Siege players with hundreds of hours under their belt. Extraction “will offer a high-octane challenge,” going above the fans are used to before.

As you may know, Extraction was born from a limited-time mode in Siege, leading to many feeling the game has to be an addition to its ancestor. Yet Patrik Méthé said the developers are counting on Extraction pulling in a new pool of players that have never even tried Siege before. Of course, the team is interested to see how the veteran players will split their time between Siege and Extraction and will cope with advanced challenges on the maximum threat level.

Extraction will be focused on learning about the ever-evolving alien parasite, how to overcome it, and how to protect each other throughout the course of the game. The players have to make the decision of when to push forward and when to extract, and the main goal is to not leave anyone behind. However, this approach may well be Extraction’s weak spot, as first players noted how often the mission ends in the loss of an operative, adding a rescue mission to the list. As a result, extracting a fallen squadmate may feel quite repetitive during the play sessions.

Rainbow Six Extraction will launch on September 16 across Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, and PC. Siege, meanwhile, will be getting crossplay and cross-progression this year for PC, and in early 2022 for PlayStation and Xbox.

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