Ragnarock VR Drumming Comes To Steam & Quest This Summer

Viking-themed VR drumming game Ragnarock is emerging from Early Access on Steam to officially release on July 15 and the developers are planning for a release on Oculus Quest this summer as well.

We reached out to a representative of the developers to ask whether it is coming to App Lab or the full Oculus Quest store, and heard back that it will be available on App Lab at first but the developers are confident they will get a release date from Facebook for store release. Ragnarock has more than 1,000 ratings on Steam since it launched in December 2020 and it carries overall overwhelmingly positive reviews.

You can check out the early access trailer here:


The game is made by Lyon, France-based studio WanadevStudio and features metal and rock music from artists like Alestorm, Gloryhammer and Wind Rose. Ragnarock also includes multiplayer modes with up to 6 players racing against one another. The idea is that you’re a Viking captain in a longship race and you need to smash runes flying at you with your hammers in rhythm with Celtic and metal music to try and reach the finish line first. You race against ghost ships in single player mode. The developers say it will include cross-play functionality as well so you can play against friends on another VR platform.

Ragnarock is discounted on Steam at the time of this writing with the price expected to go to $24.99 with its July 15th release.

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