Racing Game Nerve Is More Intense Than Rainbow Road

Rainbow Road is the ultimate test of skill in Mario Kart, with its unforgiving turns and vertigo-inducing scale. While few racing games ever come close to matching Rainbow Road’s exhilaration, Nerve makes it look like a cycle through the park.

Gunfish Games’ fast-paced racer is a trippy ride with a high replayability factor. Set in brightly colored worlds, you control a vessel which looks like it’s traveling on a path through space and time. Your very essence is bound to this path and you must defeat the obstacles in your way in order to progress, die many times in the process, and try again. Rainbow Road’s twists and turns can be a little disorientating at times, but Nerve’s might have you giddy after ten minutes of gameplay.

The game is designed to give you sensory overload with its relentless techno soundtrack and hypnotic visuals to rival the Windows Media Player screensaver. Your skill and perseverance will be tested throughout the game’s ten-chapter campaign, where each chapter presents a “corrupted world” for you to navigate. At the end of each chapter a Gate Keeper will have to be thwarted in order to progress, where you can use the world it inhabits against it. Aside from the campaign, Nerve also has a global leaderboard attached to each world, offering players the chance to beat the personal bests of other players from around the world.

Steam conveyed Gunfish Games’ goal to make Nerve the addictive racer that you can’t get enough of. Its design may be very abstract, but the developers wanted it to feel like an arcade game you could spend hours on, desperate to return to beat your score. It certainly has a retro feel to its futuristic graphics, with enough momentum to have you returning for more.

Nerve may give you relentless competition for the foreseeable future, but one Mario Kart fan has become the first person to complete the Rainbow Road ultra shortcut. The Wii ultra shortcuts are the near impossible routes to take that Nintendo never thought would be used. These shortcuts can be mastered with tool assist, but ArthuurrrP was the first racer to complete the first non-assisted ultra shortcut, five years after its discovery.

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