PUBG Is Getting Its First "Dynamic Map" Next Season

Whenever you drop into PUBG’s various maps, you generally know what you’re getting into. Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, and Vikendi haven’t really changed much since their inception. New features might be added, like the recent addition of ferries in Erangel, but they didn’t really change the map in any fundamental way.

Paramo, however, will be different. PUBG Corp is calling it the game’s “first dynamic map,” although what exactly the word “dynamic” means here is still a matter for debate.

Today’s teaser trailer called for us to “discover Paramo”, a volcanic island that appears to either be a verdant tropical paradise or a blasted landscape, depending on when you drop. This might mean the term “dynamic” refers to some sort of procedurally generated terrain and features, such as the village that appears to change configuration several times during the trailer. Or it might mean that there are several Paramo configurations that are all pre-determined, but you never know which one you’ll get until you actually drop.

Or it might mean the volcano will erupt at some point during the map, vastly altering the terrain during a match (and possibly even killing a few competitors).

Other new features with Paramo might include the very first use of helicopters. Choppers have been a standard fixture of Call of Duty: Warzone for some time, but PUBG had previously limited itself to terrestrial and a few aquatic vehicles. Choppers would be the first time that PUBG takes to the skies, and one wonders if this might also mean that Season 9 will include a new surface-to-air missile launcher.

PUBG seems to have taken a turn towards story-crafting of late. In the lead up to the Paramo reveal, PUBG Corp sent out several stone tablets to social media influencers that depict Paramo as an archaeological dig site. The tablets arrived in giant crates and even contained a hand-written letter from the dig site coordinator.

Paramo arrives with PUBG Season 9 on October 21st for PC and October 29th on console.

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