PS5 UK restock at Very on Wednesday – Amazon already sold out

Amazon’s stock of the PS5 console in the UK has disappeared exactly as quickly as expected but there will be more chances this week.

This week marks the first time since launch that almost every retailer in the UK has stock of the PlayStation 5 but that doesn’t mean it’s easily available.

As predicted by earlier reports put up more consoles for sale this morning and they sold out almost instantly, which is what always happen.

But tomorrow it will be the chance of Very, with the online retailer confirming that they will have stock in on Wednesday, February 17 in the ‘late morning’.

Very previously got into conflict with scalpers who were buying up stock with bots, in order to sell at inflated prices on eBay.

In December, Scalper group CrepChiefNotify boasted of having obtained over a thousand consoles from Very but later found the orders being cancelled, once they were identified.

That hopefully means Very will be on the ball when it comes to this week’s sales, making it more difficult for scalpers to jump the queue.

Although they’re not in any way official, Twitter account PS5 UK Stock – Instant Updates has complied the following list of when stores tend to release stock.

It’s no guarantee they’ll follow the same pattern in the future, but it gives Very’s preferred times as between 10am and midday – which matches with their comments about Wednesday.

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