PS5 Records Your Voice When You Unlock Trophies

Not only does the PS5 capture a video clip whenever you earn a trophy, but it also records your reaction if your microphone happens to be turned on.

Trophies have been a part of PlayStation’s world since PS3. They range from a welcome surprise to some people to an absolute necessity for others. True completionists will do all they can to unlock every single trophy a game has to offer, which will culminate in the title’s elusive platinum trophy. Platinum trophies are only awarded when every over trophy in a game has been unlocked.

On PS4, a screenshot is automatically captured whenever you unlock a trophy. A pretty cool feature, at least at first. The novelty wears thing once you look at a few of them and most are blurry and don’t really capture the moment. That’s why the revelation that PS5s capture a short clip instead was one met with excitement.

The clips captured are a far better representation of how exactly the trophies are won. The only real downside is they take up quite a bit of space on your SDD, so only looking to make room might want to delete them after you’ve given them a watch. One Redditor has also discovered that if your PS5’s mic is turned on, the console also records your voice when you earn a trophy.

Nine times out of ten that moment is likely met with an unenthusiastic “oh sweet” or maybe even nothing at all. However, that other time out of ten it is met with sheer jubilation, as can be heard in the clip above. The Redditor who made the discovery finally vanquishes a hard-to-beat Demon’s Soul’s boss and the glee of finally doing so can be heard in the PS5-recorded clip.

A notification appears at the bottom of the screen revealing that the Tower’s Knight trophy has been unlocked. As the “demon vanquished” message appears on the screen, the player lets out a euphoric “YES” which is picked up by the PS5’s mic. Pretty amusing. Suffice to say, if you don’t want your commentary recorded by your PS5, you might want to disable this feature. Especially if it contains profanity as PlayStation won’t allow you to upload clips featuring foul language to Twitter.

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