PS5 Players Want To Know Why Dynamic Themes Haven’t Made The Next-Gen Jump

It's hard to believe the PS5 has been around for more than two years now, especially considering how hard they have been to come by. PlayStation claims its new-gen console shortage is now over, however, it still hasn't offered up an explanation detailing why it did away with dynamic themes after the PS4.

In case you don't already know, PS4 owners could, and still can, change the theme of the console's UI. Whether related to a game or not, it allowed people to switch things up when they got bored of the PS4 menu's default background. Some themes even included moving parts and soothing music. As highlighted by PlayStation Lifestyle, two years in, PS5 owners want to know where that feature has gone.

A renewed interest in where dynamic themes have gone, and whether the PS5 will ever have them, appears to have been brought about by a thread on the PS5 subreddit. The post asks owners of the new-gen console what quality-of-life features they are still waiting for from PlayStation, and dynamic themes come up a lot. Some long for the cherry blossom theme that changed throughout the year, while others want their UI to represent their favorite games such as Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy.

Speaking of which, I had completely forgotten about the PS4's dynamic themes until recently. Firing up my last-gen console for the first time in a while, I was met with the Tifa theme that dominates my UI. That naturally didn't make the jump to my PS5, along with all of the other themes available, but it's odd PlayStation still hasn't reintroduced the feature two years later.

The features the PS5 has introduced, like haptic feedback and activity cards, greatly outnumber the ones that were left behind, of course. However, dynamic themes aren't the only thing PlayStation opted to wash its hands off when the last generation became the current one. The PS5 also doesn't have a web browser, something its creators have already confirmed it will almost definitely never have as they don't see why it's needed.

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