PS5 console UK restock starts this week at GAME, Very, AO, and Smyths

Another wave of PS5 consoles is set to become available in the UK this week, with Amazon UK predicted to get more next week.

It’s now well over six months since the PlayStation 5 was first released and it’s still not any easier to get hold of, which suggests this Christmas is going to be an absolute nightmare for anyone that thinks they can just pick one up whenever they want.

For that reason alone, it’s best to try and take your chances now, with stock checkers laying out when stores are expected to get more consoles in. PS5 Stock UK suggests that GAME, Very, and AO will all be somewhere between today and Thursday (i.e. July 6 to 8).

AO has just started but all these stores tend to release their stock before midday, so if the others have not updated by then it’ll be Wednesday or Thursday for them.

Smyths is also expected to get new stock this week, just a day later at somewhere between Wednesday and Friday.

John Lewis, Asda, and Studio are also listed as being potentially this week, but without any specific predictions as to exactly when.

Meanwhile, PS5 UK Stock – Instant Updates predicts that the next shipment for Amazon UK will be between Tuesday, July 13 and Wednesday, July 21.

That’s not very specific but it is described as a ‘big shipment’, which makes sense as Amazon has been getting bigger and bigger restocks each time over the last few months.

As ever, none of these dates are guaranteed but both stock checking channels have proven accurate in the past and it’s usually only the logistics of the retailers themselves that causes a delay.

This is going to be standard for the rest of the year though, so if you still miss out this month then it’ll just be back to checking Twitter and hoping for the best in August.

Possible Online #PS5 Restock Dates (5th-9th July)

AO: 6th-8th July
GAME: 6th-8th July
Smyths Toys: 7th-9th July
Very: 6th-8th July

Other possibilities (any day)
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