PS Plus August 2021: Good news for disappointed PS4 and PlayStation 5 gamers

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New PS Plus games are being launched this week which will be available across PS4 and PS5 consoles.

Sony has put together a great track record in 2021 by offering some cracking games, including Days Gone, Final Fantasy 7 Remake and Control, spread across previous months.

And on August 3, Hunter’s Arena: Legends, Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville, and Tennis World Tour 2 will be the next PS Plus free games.

All of these titles will be available to download across PS4 and PS5, as Sony has not provided any next-gen exclusives.

But while PlayStation 4 fans don’t have to worry about missing out on any games this week, the list hasn’t pleased everyone.

One subscriber posted this week: “They leak it in advance and measure how many hated it, and they decide”okay, they will get over it no need to replace”.

Another added: “Pro: I don’t already own any of these. Con: I didn’t want to own any of these.

“Tennis might be fun though. Fingers crossed that September will be a better fit for me.”

But for those who aren’t seeing anything interesting in the current lineup, there are new experiences being planned for August.

Splitgate is a new shooter that’s proven very popular on consoles and PC, and is currently in beta.

That beta period was recently extended following an official release date delay, as the team needed to build a stronger server infrastructure, as so many people joined the beta on consoles.

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And the good news is that Splitgate will be staying free-to-play and will also see its full release in the coming weeks.

That means that even if you’re disappointed by PlayStation Plus in August, more new games are coming that will be easy to pick up and play.

A full description of Splitgate can be found here, straight from the development team: “Splitgate is a free-to-play, fast-paced multiplayer shooter that features player-controlled portals.

“This sci-fi shooter takes the FPS genre to a new dimension with its portal mechanics, delivering high-flying, multi-dimensional combat.

“Evoking memories of the most revered shooters of the past two decades, Splitgate embraces the classic and familiar feel of close-quarters combat while adding a unique twist.

“Keep your head on a swivel and experience intense, traversal action as you fly, flank, and frag through the air using portal combat to constantly out-smart and out-manoeuvre your enemies.

“There’s nothing quite like landing a no-scope headshot from behind after portalling circles around a confused enemy, who still thinks you are standing in front of him.

“Along with grindable challenges, dozens of customizable characters, a competitive leaderboard and ranking system, and over 15 casual and competitive game modes, Splitgate offers more than 20 maps, each with its own unique setting and play style.”

And it should be noted that while these new August games will be available on Tuesday, until then, July’s lineup can be downloaded.

That means gamers have until Monday, August 2 to add Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, WWE 2K Battlegrounds, A Plague Tale: Innocence and Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown to your game library.

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