Pokimane Pledges Loyalty To Twitch In Fake Announcement Video

Pokimane built up some hype after tweeting out “see you tomorrow at noon,”only to bait viewers with a fake announcement video.

Well… sort of fake. In the video, the popular streamer revealed that she would remain loyal to Twitch despite rumors of her departure for another platform.

The announcement video is a parody of other similar videos; After a narrator implies a big announcement is coming from Pokimane, she breaks the fourth wall and rebukes the voice, claiming that there is no announcement. Despite the confusion, all Poki revealed was that she would not be entertaining other offers, instead staying on Twitch throughout the foreseeable future.

She decided to elaborate on the decision by releasing a separate YouTube video. In the explanation, she goes into surprising detail about the temptation of rival offers and why she decided to remain.

Long story short, she felt that taking less money in order to remain was best for her. Pokimane feels a strong connection to the chat that she built on the platform that made her career, not wanting to sacrifice that connection for extra cash. Although many are secretive about the behind-the-scenes money, she described the difference of what she was offered to switch as “more than [she] has in her bank account” – no small sum.

Many were quite happy with the news despite the click-bait. Users agreed with the sentiment that Pokimane simply can’t be replaced on Twitch.

Others tried to unravel whether or not the “news” should be deemed an announcement or a non-announcement. Streamers have been known to “announce announcements” far too often, causing a comedic level of buildup in many cases; The marketing style can give off an annoying nesting-doll feeling.

Pokimane’s entire video was self-aware, making fun of the heavily-abused announcement culture created by streamers; Yet, at the same time, it’s more of the same thing.

Regardless, it looks like Twitch dodged a bullet in a major way by keeping the number one female streamer on their platform. Losing Pokimane to Mixer would have been a devastating blow; Their Microsoft-owned rival could’ve kept their momentum by signing another heavy-hitter. Luckily, it didn’t work out for Twitch’s competitor this time around.

Sources: Twitter, YouTube

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