Pokémon Sword & Shield: How To Find & Evolve Jangmo-o Into Kommo-o

Big, loud, jangly dragons are all the rage in the new Pokémon Spring 2020 Collection, meaning that you need to nab yourself one. So, here’s how you can get your very own Jangmo-o in Pokémon Sword.

If you’re playing Shield you’ll need to get one through Surprise Trade or Pokémon Home, because it is a Sword exclusive. But, for all the Sword players out there, let’s get into it.

Finding Jangmo-o

To begin, Jangmo-o doesn’t really… spawn… anywhere… ever? It’s a rare Pokémon, and the only place that you’ll naturally be finding Jangmo-o is at the Wild Area’s Lake of Outrage at a 5% encounter under overcast or intense sun.

Both of these encounters are non-overworld, meaning that you’ll have to search the tall grass to find it. However, it can also be found through Max Raid Battles at Axew’s Eye and Rolling Fields, if you’d prefer to try your luck there.

Jangm0-o is the start of the pseudo-legendary dragon line of the Alola Region, meaning that it has two evolutions. It evolves into Hakamo-0 at level 35. Hakamo-o can be found in the wild too, once again at the Lake of Outrage, this time during thunderstorms at a very low 2%. It can be battled in Max Raids at the same places as Jangmo-o.

Evolving And Into Battle

Hakamo-o evolves into Kommo-o at level 45. It can be battled in Max Raids at the same places as its predecessors. However, Kommo-o can also be found as a special overworld encounter every 24 hours in the Dusty Bowl under many weather conditions: fog, snowstorm, sandstorm, snow, and clear. While this is certainly a cool way to catch one, the easiest route that you have is to catch a far less difficult Jangmo-o at the Lake of Outrage.

The line ends with Kommo-o, as there are no Gigantamax options available for Kommo-o. Of course, it has the ability to Dynamax like every other Pokémon. Either way, the dual Dragon/Fighting-type is still incredibly powerful and will be a great addition to any team. Some good moves to use with Kommo-o are Body Press and its exclusive move Clanging Scales.

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