Pokemon Go Players Have Already Discovered Name Trick Works For Sylveon, No Hearts Needed

Sylveon is starting to arrive in Pokemon Go around the world. As has been the case with every other Eeveelution, a simple name change will land you the new addition.

Pokemon Go’s Luminous Legends Y event continues this week with the addition of Sylveon to the game for the very first time. Now that the fairy-type is a part of Pokemon Go’s Pokedex, all of the franchise’s Eeveelutions are now available. Sylveon won’t be available in some parts of the world until later today but has already been registered by some lucky trainers living in countries like New Zealand and Australia.

Niantic revealed how exactly Pokemon Go trainers can ensure their chosen Eevee evolves into a Sylveon and not one of the other evolutions ahead of time. By making it your buddy and earning a boatload of hearts with it before hitting evolve. However, as is the case with all the other Eeveelutions, a workaround has already been discovered.

Every other Eeveelution has a special name linked to the anime in some way that guarantees it will evolve into the Pokemon of your choosing. For Sylveon, as was first highlighted by Pokemon Go-playing New Zealanders in the early hours of Tuesday morning, that name is Kira.

There are a couple of things to remember to make sure you actually do get a Sylveon. For starters, once you have renamed your Eevee Kira, make sure Sylveon’s silhouette has appeared on the evolve button before you press it. Hitting that button before the silhouette has appeared will result in an unwelcome game of Eeveelution roulette. Restarting the app should fix the issue if the silhouette fails to show.

This trick can only be used once. If you want any more Sylveon after using it then you will have to do so the way Niantic laid out to begin with. By making Eevee your buddy and earning plenty of hearts. The arrival of Sylveon marks the beginning of the final week of Pokemon Go’s two Luminous Legends events that have been running throughout May. Fear not, as there’s plenty to come over the summer. Gible is finally getting its own community day, and Go Fest will return this July.

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