Pokemon Go Player Analyzes Which Moves Will Be Most Powerful After Tomorrow’s Nerf

Sky Attack, Rock Slide, and Shadow Bone are all getting hit with nerfs in today’s update. This will vastly reduce the power of Flying-types, certain Rock and Ground Pokemon such as Rampardos, and also Alolan Marowak. Now, I don’t think anybody thought that Alolan Marowak needed to have its power toned down, but there are certainly some meta picks in the Flying and Rock-types that could stand to have their wings clipped.

This might lead some Pokemon Go players to wonder what moves are still top-tier? Lucky for us, Reddit user carllyq is here with an analysis that shows there are plenty of overpowered moves left in POGO and that the recent nerfs seem to be targeted at specific overpowered Pokemon rather than the moves themselves.

Using statistical analysis, carllyq calculated the Z-score of each of the top-tier charge moves to see how much stronger they are than the average charge move. Lead Blade and Flying Press are two moves that are way stronger than everything else in Pokemon Go with a z-score of 2.17 and 2.34, respectively. For the amount of energy they take, both Leaf Blade and Flying Press deal out way more damage than similar charge moves, helping them reach the top of Pokemon Go’s tiers.

So why didn’t Leaf Blade and Flying Press get nerfed? Lead Blade is a Grass-type and Pokemon Go’s current meta doesn’t have a lot of weaknesses to Grass. Flying Press is only available on Pikachu Libre which limits its overall power, although Hawlucha’s upcoming arrival might change that.

Origin Pulse, Precipice Blades, Frenzy Plant, Techno Blast, Blast Burn, and Rock Wrecker are all extremely strong moves as well with z-scores well above 1.5 making them all over 50% more powerful than the average charge move. There’s still plenty of other great moves to use in Pokemon Go, but these are the ones that you should prioritize wherever possible.

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