Please, Touch The Artwork Is A Puzzle Game About, You Guessed It

An upcoming narrative puzzler from Studio Waterzooi is allowing players to live out their ultimate school field trip fantasy by actually touching the art. Please, Touch the Artwork arrives on Steam and mobile on January 26 and asks players to break all the rules of the museum by forcing them to stick their hands on famous modern art pieces in order to solve puzzles and progress through the game.

Please, Touch the Artwork comes from one-man studio Thomas Waterzooi and will take players on a journey through the secret world of abstract paintings. With over 150 puzzles and a calming jazz soundtrack, the puzzle game will create a zen atmosphere as the player learns about the pioneers of abstract art. With no time limit, players can spend as much time as they need getting up close and personal with the Mondrian-based pieces. Plus, each playthrough will be randomly generated so every player’s experience is unique.

The game will focus on 3 different paintings and styles: De Stijl, Boogie Woogie, and New York City. The first is all about pure abstract art where players will add colors and lines to recreate famous paintings. The next will have players help two squares, Boogie and Woogie, reach each other through a changing landscape. Finally, players will navigate New York City by collecting letters to form a poem. All three puzzle types will have accessibility options like bigger text and color-blind options to make the puzzles fun for everyone.

Along with the game, two real-life art installations will be created by developer Thomas Waterzooi. The first, also titled “Please, Touch the Artwork”, will serve as a real-life version of the game. A simple painting will be vandalized with a dirty handprint, forcing the viewer to question the “traditional norms” of not touching a painting. The second installation, “Landscape Artist Without Landscape”, asks participants to create a landscape for a landscape artist to recreate.

Please, Touch the Artwork is available to Wishlist on Steam or you can preorder on the Apple App Store and get 20% off. A Switch version of the game is planned for sometime later this year.

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