Pick Up A Doom Guy Head Stress Ball And More In February’s Respawn Loot Crate

February’s Gaming Crate from Loot Crate is all about getting you back in the game. Starting January 27 at 9pm PT, you’ll be able to purchase the Respawn Gaming Crate and snag exclusive, officially licensed gear from some of today’s hottest games.

There are a lot of collectibles packed into the Respawn Gaming Crate – many of which remain a secret until the package shows up at your door. However, Loot Crate has given us an exclusive sneak peek at a few items you’ll find in next month’s delivery:

  • Doom Guy Head Stress Ball
  • Pac-Man To-Do List
  • Metal Gear Solid T-Shirt
  • Premium Elder Scrolls Cookbook Add-On Item

As cool as everything else looks, nothing compares to that ridiculous Doom Guy stress ball – and it’ll definitely come in handy while trying to work through Eternal on the Ultra-Nightmare difficulty.

Loot Crate kicked off 2021 with a New Game Plus Crate, featuring licensed items from Dark Souls and Fallout. That offering is still available, although it’ll be replaced as soon as the Respawn Gaming Crate goes live on January 27 at 9pm PT.  Before that, the team was marketing its admittedly good-looking lineup of Fallout T-shirts. These are still up for sale, and offer a fun way to refresh your wardrobe for the new year.

The Respawn Gaming Crate will go live on January 27 at 9pm PT. It retails for $28.95 and will be available until February 27, at which point it’ll be replaced by a brand-new product. Because of their limited-availability, Loot Gaming Crates tend to sell out fast – be sure to take a look in the early days of February if you’re hoping to pick up a Doom-themed stress ball.

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