PewDiePie Rises To The Top Of YouTube Gaming With Subnautica

PewDiePie has just gotten into Subnautica and his first video has risen to the top of YouTube Gaming.

So PewDiePie started playing Subnautica last weekend. He’s always been a big fan of survival games, and a large segment of his followers have been suggesting he play Subnautica for years. Now that the game is fully complete, he decided to finally take the plunge (pun intended) and get his feet wet (also intended) with Subnautica.

For those who haven’t played Subnautica, go out and buy it. Now. It’s maybe the best survival game you’ve never played.

Conceptually, Subnautica is pretty simple: you are the lone survivor after your spaceship crashes on an alien planet. You find yourself stranded on a water world with lush alien life fighting for survival. You’ll have to determine what alien fishies are edible, which fishies actually want to eat you, and scavenge parts and minerals in order to create tools to better your chances of survival.

You’ll eventually find yourself making submarines and underwater mecha suits, but to start off you’re going to need the essentials. That means an oxygen tank, flippers, flashlight, and a knife.

The thing about Subnautica is that there are monsters out there–sea creatures so enormous and terrifying that they can swallow you whole in a single gulp. And they will. For this reason, Subnautica actually made our list of top 10 horror games of the last decade.

PewDiePie starts his journey a little more meandering than most, but we can hardly blame him. Subnautica might be terrifying, but it’s also gorgeous. You’re afraid to explore because of what’s out there, but you also want to explore because there’s also something wondrous and magical around every corner.

Subnautica hooked PewDiePie, hook line and sinker. He managed to get to the part where the Aurora explodes and he’s managed to craft some flippers, but he still needs an oxygen tank so he can stay underwater for more than 45 seconds. We’re sure he’ll get to that in the next video.

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