Persona 5 Strikers: How To Beat The Okinawa Jail Lock Keeper

You’ll be facing plenty of bosses when it comes to Persona 5 Strikers, and many of them follow the same format. However, as you continue exploring the Jails in the Metaverse, you’ll find that the pattern of events starts changing.

By the time you reach Okinawa Jail, you would have already noticed the changes from Kyoto, but this time you’re in for even more differences. One of the differences here is the Lock Keeper, as the Okinawa Lock Keeper does not appear in a Trauma Room like the others but is found inside of the Jail. Here’s everything you need to know about defeating this mini-boss.

Okinawa Jail Lock Keeper

Affinities And Weaknesses:

  • Physical —
  • Gun —
  • Fire —
  • Ice —
  • Electric — 
  • Wind —
  • Psy —
  • Nuclear — 
  • Bless — Wk
  • Curse — Wk

This Lock Keeper is different from the previous ones you have fought. It has fewer weaknesses and has no default-equipped weapons, and can instead switch between the held items of all previous Lock Keepers. It is fought within the Jail, meaning there are items in the environment that you can use to Phantom Dash attack from, which we’ll get into further on.

Firstly, make sure that you don’t go into this battle without having some medicine, such as SP and HP items, as well as a few revive items too. When it comes to building your party, make sure you take Sophie as her Bless-based attacks will hit its weakness. As for your other two choices, pick your best party members in terms of level, skills, and/or gear. Ensure that Joker has a Curse and Bless-based Persona with him, as well as one capable of healing just in case you find yourself in a tough spot.

When the battle begins, buff your party and throw some debuffs on the Lock Keeper. It will occasionally buff itself with Matarukaja, so try and neutralize this. Focus on hitting its weaknesses and depleting its down gauge so that you can follow up with an All-Out Attack.

As previously mentioned, this Lock Keeper is an amalgamation of the previous Lock Keepers you have fought. As such, it can disappear and teleport around the battle arena, so be wary of sneak attacks, and try and time your own attacks so they aren’t wasted on a disappearing enemy.

It can and will switch between axes, swords, and shields, and will attack you with Physical hits throughout the battle. As this battle takes place within the Jail, there are items you can use to Phantom Dash attack. When the Lock Keeper is near the Hanging Scaffolding, you can jump to the scaffolding and drop it on him. There is also Debris that you can attack from too, in order to perform another Physical Phantom Dash attack.

Utilize Baton Pass to switch between characters and increase the rate at which your Show Time gauge fills. Then make sure you use Show Time whenever it is available, and ensure that Joker has a Curse or Bless-based Persona equipped when you use Show Time with him.

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