Peach’s Super Mario Bros. Movie Design Has Leaked Thanks To A McDonald’s Calendar

Peach's design in the Illumination Super Mario Bros. movie has leaked online just a few hours before the official trailer drops, thanks yet again to a McDonald's calendar, which also revealed what Mario's face will look like just a few days ago.

Nintendo is probably sending a few men in suits to the McDonald's headquarters right about now, and it's not to get lunch. Over the past few days, several things from the Super Mario Bros. movie have been leaked thanks to a promotional calendar that'll be released at McDonald's in the future. The first leak showed what Mario's face and front will look like and now an extended scan of the calendar has revealed Peach's design too.

As shared by Twitter user StarDumbJam, the original Discord user who leaked Mario's design in the movie has seemingly uploaded a scan of the full calendar in a much higher quality than before. Although the positioning of it means that the bottom half is cut off and Toad is completely covered up, it does give us our first look at Princess Peach, as well as the film's logo.

To nobody's surprise, Peach in the Super Mario Bros. movie looks like, well, Peach in the games. Aside from her hair and eyes looking a lot more lifelike, Peach looks exactly as you'd expect her to. She doesn't quite have that uncanny valley feeling that Mario gives off, which seems to be because her eyes are a lot bigger and more in line with how she looks in the game.

We also get a better look at Mario here thanks to the increased fidelity of the scan, showing that Mario's clothes are all incredibly detailed, right down to the stitches. There's still something a little off about his face, but we'll have to see it in motion before we judge too much. The calendar also reveals what the final logo for the movie will look like. Unsurprisingly, it's using the same font that the Mario games use, except it looks a bit grittier and more realistic.

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