Overwatch Echo Release Date: When does Echo come out on PS4 and Xbox One?

Overwatch's latest hero, Echo, is the 32 to be added to the game and based on what Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan has said, she will also be the last before Blizzard releases Overwatch 2.

Echo has been teased for going on two years ago and debuted at BlizzCon 2018 in a cinematic with McCree and Ashe..

The robot is a creation of robotics expert Mina Liao, who for those who dive deep into the game's lore, will know as one of the founding members of Overwatch.

At present, the only way players can experience Echo is through the Overwatch PTR, a public test realm where Blizzard can fine tune the character before the hero is released to the wider player base on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

However, having been released last week, Echo has already been nerfed once so it's clear that the devs might have their work cut out to make this evolutionary next step that bit more balenced.

With this in mind, many might be wondering, exactly when is Echo going to be released? Let's try to give you some guidance and work out when you'll be able to start playing as Echo on PS4 and Xbox One.

When is the Overwatch Echo character release date?

Some players believe that Echo could be released on March 23, based on cryptic 'date' shown in a previously tweeted image related to Echo.

You can see this in the tweet above.

Whilst it's quite possible that Echo could release on March 23, this would be rather unprecedented, with most new characters spending at the very least one week in PTR before being released.

However, a more realistic timescale suggests that the character could remain in testing on the PTR for at least three weeks.

Most recent heroes have required roughly three weeks of testing before hitting the main game.

It's also especially important to get Echo right, with the character being one of the more unique heroes we've seen added to the game.

Echo's ultimate is called Duplicate and effectively allows players to turn into an enemy hero for 15 seconds at full health.

This makes Echo an especially tough character to counter. Coupled with her flying abilities – which have already been nerfed once since releasing – we suspect there's going to need to be some careful tweaking to make the character balanced for a full release.

Realistically, we think it could be until April 9th before we see the character introduced into the full game.

Of course, should this change, or if Blizzard provides any further info, we'll be sure to update the page letting players know.

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