Outriders: How To Beat Gauss

Gauss is the very first boss in People Can Fly’s Outriders, the co-op RPG published by Square Enix. It’s an introductory quest that sets you up with everything you need to know about Elites and boss fights for the rest of the game. In your very first few hours in Outriders, this boss fight will be probably harder than anything else you’ve come up against so far.

The boss fight isn’t too much to worry about, even if you’re running through the game as a solo player. By this point, you should already have a couple of class skills you’re familiar with, and some early game gear that will shred Gauss with a bit of patience. Here are some details about the boss fight against Gauss, and what to watch out for.

Gauss, Your Very First Boss Fight In Outriders

Gauss is an Altered, which is what many of the human antagonists in Outriders are. You’ll encounter him in the Solar Tower. In this case, Gauss makes a Magneto-style entrance and shows off his flashy (and gnarly) back mutations. This boss is all about his electricity attacks. Don’t worry, in the early game he’s nowhere near as hard as the deadly Shepherds of Enoch quest later in the game.

  • Discharge Mine: Gauss will launch one of these at you pretty much right away, it creates a blast underneath your feet and erupts after a short time, not too difficult to dodge.
  • Lightning Storm: Gauss channels this ability for a short while, it creates a lightning cloud that follows the player while dealing consistent damage.
  • Ball Lightning: Gauss creates two balls of lightning that float around the arena, sometimes conjoining, and will deal damage to any enemy it hits.
  • Shock Shift: Gauss is able to teleport to a target area, dealing damage when he lands (this can be a bit tricky to dodge).
  • Steel Wall: during the final phase of the Gauss boss fight, he will begin channeling a protective steel wall around himself that explodes to deal damage.

General Tips For The Fight

This all depends on your class. Each class will approach the fight a little differently. For example, both the Devastator and Trickster are adept at dealing close-range damage, while the Technomancer or Pyromancer might try harder to stay further away from Gauss to deal extra damage.

For example, the Technomancer class was used to defeat Gauss. Although he resists Freeze, the ticking damage from Blighted Rounds was enough extra damage to take down the boss pretty quickly. This was on a very low world tier, although you won’t be on a high one unless you’re repeating the story.

In the Gauss boss fight, and in every boss fight in the rest of the game, the roll button is your closest ally. You’ll notice that many of Gauss’s attacks create blue circles where the focus of the damage will occur: dodge and roll your way out of trouble. If you get the timing right, you can also dodge away from the charge attack.

On returning to the mission on a higher world tier, the boss-fight classes of Devastator and the Trickster do the best job for solo players. To succeed in taking down Gauss at tier 10+ as a Pyro or Technomancer you’ll need to go heavy on the sustain mods and health regen synergies.

  • Dodge attacks whenever possible, especially the mine which explodes and leaves residual damage
  • You can use the environment (boxes and pillars) to disrupt Gauss’s charge attack
  • Any class with interrupt, like the Devastator, can prevent Gauss from activating his powerful shield ability

Farming Gauss For Some Early Game Loot

In the early game, it’s quite useful to get your hands on some decent loot. The questline to defeat Gauss isn’t a long one, and the boss fight isn’t that difficult once you’ve got a basic grasp on his abilities and attack patterns.

There’s a chest you get to open once defeating Gauss, and this has the potential to drop all kinds of great loot. This is entirely dependent on your world tier, but if you’re replaying the game to farm for loot in the late game, then you can later return to the Gauss boss fight on the hunt for legendary items.

However, the better quest grind in the early game is likely the Payback quest, located at the shattered building and wounded shoulder just before the area where you travel towards the Solar Tower. There are more chests on the path to Reiner, the area’s boss, and there’s a better chance for multiple Rare drops for low levels. Here’s a guide on how to take down Reiner.

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