Ori And The Will Of The Wisps review – why ours isn't till after launch

The sequel to Moon Studios’ beloved 2D platformer is out tomorrow, but there’s a good reason why most reviews won’t be till after that.

The review embargo for the much-anticipated Xbox exclusive Ori And The Will Of The Wisps has just been and gone but we, and many others, won’t have a review ready until later in the week (when depends on exactly when the patch is released).

Although we’ve had a review copy for a while now the game currently suffers from some serious technical issues that apparently will only be fixed by a day one patch. Although obviously we won’t know that for sure until it is released.

Microsoft has taken the unusual step to ask sites not to post their reviews until the patch is available, although they haven’t prevented reviews from going live today if some outlets want to run them anyway.


We would warn that no review posted today has had a chance to see what difference the day one patch makes, although we think it’s fair to say at this point that the underlying game is excellent.

We enjoyed it very much during a recent hands-on (when, oddly, the technical issues were less obvious than they are now – probably because it was the PC version) and fully expect to give the game a positive review.

That is contingent on it working properly though. Right now, it’s essentially unplayable on an ordinary Xbox One S, with a stuttering performance that is completely unacceptable. Xbox One X performance also has some hiccups and there are a few noticeable bugs and glitches throughout.

With a bit of luck, you’ll never see the game in that state if the patch works. But we can’t in good conscience run a review in which we only assume those issues will be fixed by launch and welcome Microsoft’s openness on the matter.


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