Only one studio could make Final Fantasy so joyfully cringe

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How the hell did we get a Final Fantasy game this weird? Praise (or blame) Team Ninja, the studio responsible for this chaotic revisionist history to one of gaming’s longest running series.

The studio has an unusual knack for creating games that are terrific, trashy, and sometime terrifically trashy. Let’s review its most recent output. In 2018, the studio contributed to the relatively family-friendly Nintendo action game Fire Emblem Warriors. Then in 2019, Team Ninja produced a substantial update to Dead or Alive Xtreme 3, a hi-def entry in its cheesecake sports franchise that has scantily clad women play beach games for the player’s pleasure. A year later, it released Nioh 2, a yōkai-infused riff on the Dark Souls formula, trading the color and playfulness of the studio’s previous games for darkness and difficulty.

With Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, the studio has joyfully decimated the assumptions of how a Final Fantasy game should comport itself. You play as the bluntly named beefcake Jack, who wears a Bluetooth headset, listens to Limp Bizkit, and loves to cut off villains whenever they monologue for too long about their evil master plan. Or to put it another way, “Jack is the world’s angriest Barbie.”

If this sounds like a parody of mid-’00s video games, well yeah, we’re sensing that too. Is this camp? To be honest, we can’t quite say for certain, but if any studio can hit the 7-10 split of self-serious JRPG and winky chucklefest, it’s Team Ninja.

Patch Notes

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Four things to watch

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Tunic | This indie adventure made largely by a single developer is a mish-mash of The Legend of Zelda and Fez, starring an adorable lil’ fox. The game got a surprise launch-day release on Xbox Game Pass. If you need more convincing (and even if you don’t) be sure to read Polygon’s hand-illustrated review! Available on Windows PC, macOS, Xbox One, Xbox Series X.

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Free game of the week

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A Taste of the Past | Earlier this month, Sondering Studio released this lovely half-hour vignette. Mei, a Chinese-American high school student, is grieving the death of her mother when she inexplicably finds herself on an ethereal train crowded with the spirits of her ancestors. Her task: learn the origin of a cherished family recipe. Available on Steam,, and browser.

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