Oddworld Soulstorm: How To Save All Mudokons In The Hijack

There are 15 Mudokons in the Hijack stage of Oddworld Soulstorm. The Hijack stage is simple because it only goes in one direction, but it is easy to pass a Mudokon if you do not pay attention. Also, there is a small boss fight towards the end of the stage. This boss fight is pretty simple, but if you are not careful, you could lose some Mudokons.

The best advice for collecting Mudokons and not having them die at the hands of a Slig is to have your Mudokons wait in safe areas. Then, once you have cleared the area ahead, you can come back for them. It never hurts to play things safe. So without further delay, here is every Mudokon location in The Hijack stage.

Mudokons 1 to 3

Climb up to the top of the train car.

Pull the lever to open the door. Free the three Mudokons inside the train car.

Mudokons 4 to 6

Once you reach the third train car, throw a rock at the power bank object in the top right. This will drop explosives to the bottom level and light the platform on fire.

Use your extinguisher to dowse the fire and then head left on the bottom platform toward the second train cart. Make sure your Mudokons stay put.

Jump from the third train cart to the bars below the second train car. Climb into the second train car from the bottom. Pull the lever and free the next three Mudokons.

Mudokons 7 to 9

Go to the fourth train car. Knock out the Slig and then pull the lever. Free the next three Mudokons inside this train car. Ensure this Slig stays knocked out while you pass him on your way to the fifth train car. Also, be sure to knock out the Slig at the very top of the fourth train car once you reach the top of the fifth train car.

Mudokons 10 to 12

Pull the lever on the fifth train car and then save the Mudokons inside it.

Mudokons 13 to 15

Have your Mudokons wait at the end of the fifth train car, then, have Abe jump to the sixth car. This jump into the security beam will trigger a flying Slig. Possess this flying Slig and have it fly to the bottom of the train cars.

Next, have the Slig shoot the wooden blockade on the bottom of the fifth train car, then have the Slig explode. With the blockade gone, have Abe climb to the bottom and then use the hanging bars underneath the train car to climb through the bottom.

Once inside the train car, free the Mudokons and pull the lever to open the door above you. Regroup with the rest of your Mudokons.

With every Mudokon now under Abe's watch, you must deliver them to the very end where the portal is. Have them stay behind whenever you reach a new train car so you can clear it of enemies before they come over. Also, make sure there are no active fires for them to burn in.

Once you reach the boss fight cutscene, have your Mudokons stay near the vending machines.

On your own, avoid the rockets fired from the Slig tank. You can use the platforms as a makeshift shield. You can also jump out of the way when they get close.

To defeat the boss, try to spread the fire underneath the tank, thus exploding the gas tanks. Once the boss is defeated, clear the area of any fires.

Regroup with your Mudokons and then lead them across the tops of the next few train cars.

Once you reach the portal, use your chant to activate it.

With every Mudokon safe, end the level by pulling the stop lever.

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