Nintendo online services are down due to increased demand

After Xbox Live went down at the weekend it’s the turn of Nintendo’s network services to struggle with the problems of self-isolation.

With so many beginning to self-isolate, or at least enforce social distancing, there’s suddenly a lot of people stuck at home with nothing to do. And video games are a very obvious way to compensate for that.

The problem is how the UK’s broadband network, and each console’s online services, copes with the increased demand and surprisingly it was Xbox Live, which is usually regarded as the most robust of the three services, that went down first.

It quickly came back, but now fans are wondering how long it’ll be until Nintendo’s recovers, as it’s currently impossible to play Switch games online or access the eShop.

As you can see, there’s no indication from Nintendo UK as to when it will be fixed, but many will be hoping that it’s at least back up for the release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons this Friday.

Many Switch games have little or no online functions though, so an outage shouldn’t really affect most of them.

In fact, if you usually have to check to see if someone else is playing a digital copy of a game, because you share an account, that currently isn’t working – so you can both play without any limitations while the network is down.

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