Nintendo Donates 9,500 Face Masks Towards Coronavirus Relief Efforts

As the coronavirus outbreak continues to have a devastating impact on our world, it’s more important than ever that we all work together to do our bit. Here’s Nintendo, proving that point once again.

Now, gamers and the gaming industry tends to take a lot of flak from the media. Video games make us anti-social, we’re told. They make us violent. They suck us into their fantasy worlds and leave us hopelessly addicted. Debates around these subjects aren’t going to go away any time soon, nor is this negative opinion. People have been beating these particular drums for decades.

As much as gaming leads us to hop online and indoors, though, it also brings us together. Communities spring up around certain games and franchises that offer a sense of togetherness for many. Gaming has steadily become a far less niche pastime than it once was, and it’s now an entertainment juggernaut. A lot of people and a lot of money are invested in it, and when that power is harnessed for good, wonderful things can happen.

From charity streams by smaller personalities to huge tournaments held in the name of a good cause, gamers around the world have banded together to show their support and raise funds in times of crisis. When Australia’s bushfires were ravaging the country, Ninja stopped by Lachlan’s #FightTheFires stream and dropped $30,000 right there and then.

Now, the planet faces perhaps its greatest collective crisis in living memory: the coronavirus pandemic. Donations of all shapes and sizes have been pouring in, but one thing that’s definitely sorely needed is protective equipment. N95 masks are in scarce supply, which is why this gesture from Nintendo will have such a big impact.

As reported by Polygon, Nintendo of America has donated more than 9,500 N95 masks to Issaquah’s Eastside Fire & Rescue in Washington. From there, they will be distributed to areas in most need of them in Washington state, which has been hit especially hard by the outbreak.

Kudos to NoA for supporting their local community with an act that will have a tremendous impact. It’s something we all can and should do, however we can, in this most trying time.

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