Ninja Gets Bamboozled By Elon Musk’s Starlink Satellites

Ninja was absolutely spooked after witnessing a chain of UFOs hurdle through the night sky, what many believe to be Elon Musk’s Starlink satellites. Based on the Mixer streamer’s account of what he saw, it seems very probable that the SpaceX project was indeed behind the sighting.

Looking like a man who hadn’t seen sleep in days, Ninja took to Twitter to describe what he and Jess had just witnessed. His delivery style in the short video was a perfect cross between “just seen a ghost” and “mad scientist who made a breakthrough.”

Ninja set the scene by letting fans know that he and his wife Jess were laying out on their 2nd-story balcony. According to Ninja, Jess wanted them to try star-gazing for the first time in their relationship. He then claimed that the brightest star (or what he thought was a star) started flashing, “and like 40 dots – they all look like little mini-stars – just started shooting out of it and falling in a perfect straight line across the sky.” Pretty spooky.

Turns out, Ninja isn’t the only one who’s had this experience. Plenty of similar sightings have been reported throughout multiple countries. The explanation? Elon Musk and SpaceX. The ambitious project is called Starlink, a chain of satellites designed to harness solar power from the sun. The company plans to launch upwards of 12,000 satellites into orbit with the goal of providing high-speed internet to every location on Earth – not without its complications, however.

Many Twitter users were quick to reveal the answers to a bewildered Ninja, Twitch streamer DrLupo among them.

The Mixer star posted a followup photo in his comments, showing a perfect line of small lights through the sky. The photo definitely looks like a line of Starlink satellites, so the mystery is solved. Regardless, Ninja remains unconvinced – a believer in something far greater.

He’s only kidding, of course. But SpaceX does seem like they are making something that looks like a Fortnite world event, but in real life. Although the company isn’t planning on beaming a holographic projection of Travis Scott to Earth, they are hopeful in Starlink becoming the first step towards colonizing Mars.

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