NieR Automata Heads To Xbox Game Pass This Week

During yesterday’s NieR related Livestream, Square Enix announced that 2017’s highly acclaimed NieR: Automata will be heading to Xbox Game Pass on April 2, 2020. Coming only to the console side (sorry PC players), this version will be the “Become As Gods” edition that includes all of the post-release DLC. That’s a really solid deal for anyone that hasn’t yet tried the game.

It seems like Square Enix is gearing up for a heavily NieR featured year. Along with this Game Pass announcement, there’s the news about a remaster of the first NieR title and a brand new mobile installment in the series. Coming to iOS and Android devices, NieR: Re[in]carnation continues Square Enix’s tradition of making nonsensical names for all of its series.

None of that really concerns Automata, though. Originally pegged as a PS4/PC exclusive, news of the title making the jump to Microsoft’s ecosystem was a pretty big deal. Japanese developers have typically avoided the Xbox brand since it doesn’t do well in Japan. Towards the end of the Xbox 360/PS3 era, a lot of publishers didn’t even bother releasing 360 ports in Japan despite western audiences getting them.

That Square Enix took the chance and put NieR on Xbox is just a sign of how much it is willing to support its IPs.

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