New Trailer For Life Is Strange: True Colors Shows Alex’s Powers In Action

Square Enix has released a gameplay deep dive showing off Alex’s powers in Life is Strange: True Colors.

The trailer was shown as part of Square Enix’s E3 live stream and focused on Alex’s powers of telepathic empathy and seeing emotions through colorful auras.

The new look shows Alex’s powers in action, allowing her to hear the thoughts of people with brightly coloured auras. By doing so, you can unlock new dialogue and choices within the game, which is shown by Alex reading the mind of someone within a bar and finding out they’ve cheated on their girlfriend. Alex then gets the choice of what to do with the information. This trailer also shows that Alex has had her powers for some time, but has hidden it away.

We’ve previously seen quite a lot of Life is Strange: True Colors through a previous showcase. In that footage, we got to see that the main character, Alex, is able to see people’s emotions through color and manipulate them. We also got to see Alex’s connection to music and the reveal that her singing voice is done by mxmtoon.

Square Enix already detailed a lot of information about True Colors a few months ago, including its release date of September 10. Life is Strange is different to the mainline game in a number of ways, including its formatting as a full adventure, and the fact that it has a different developer from the first two.

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