New Pokemon Snap: Every Pokemon In Florio Nature Park (Day)

Florio Nature Park (Day) is the first level you encounter in New Pokemon Snap. While your initial run around this circuit might seem a bit barebones, it’s actually one of the best maps in the game – and that comes from someone who has played around 20 hours of the postgame.

Like every other locale in Lental, the layout of Florio Nature Park (Day) changes several times over the course of the main story. The actual geography stays mostly the same, minus an additional route here or a cutesy little Bidoof dam there, but each rank you unlock brings a new variety of ‘mons with it – you might not find Heracross on your first outing, but keep leveling Florio Nature Park up and the Megahorn master will make an appearance soon enough.

Whether it’s your first time in Florio or you’re already doing laps of rank three, it’s always handy to have a concrete list of which ‘mons appear at each tier, as well as where they can be found – here’s a list of every single Pokemon in Florio Nature Park (Day). Each rank only represents the new Pokemon added from the previous one – if rank two only has one listing (which it does) it doesn’t mean that Pokemon appears on its own. Obviously.

List Of Pokemon In Florio Nature Park (Day) Rank 1

  • Grookey – Grookey greets you as you enter the park. It can also be found halfway through in the bushes opposite the Bidoof dam, as well as in the meadow at the end.
  • Pichu – Pichu appears in the exact same places as Grookey because they’re best buds. On rank three you can toss an Illumina orb at Pichu in the meadow to line up a four-star shot.
  • Bouffalant – A herd of Bouffalant can be found on your right as you enter the map. There are also some Bouffalant in the meadow at the end.
  • Dodrio – Dodrio can start on the right or left depending on the rank you’re playing. It will always jump down after you turn left towards the middle of the map, and will always make an appearance somewhere in the meadow.
  • Vivillon – Vivillon can be found flying around the beginning of the map, as well as towards Taillow’s sign just prior to the meadow.
  • Bidoof – Bidoof appears at the beginning of the map, as well as in its dam in the lake in the middle section.
  • Emolga – Emolga is tricky to find, but it flies through the small forest over the park’s first bridge. There will usually be one hanging out on a branch in the tree directly in front of you as you cross it.
  • Wurmple – Wurmple roams the forest in the opening section and hangs out in bushes on the way to Taillow’s sign.
  • Taillow – Taillow starts where Dodrio’s jump lands. A flock also appears a few meters away from this, and more can be found flying on the way to Taillow’s sign, which – you guessed it! – also has a Taillow on it.
  • Swanna – Swanna hangs out in the water, obviously. It also flies around the main area and on some ranks will swim along the stream running beneath the first bridge.
  • Ducklett – Usually with Swanna, but you can also catch a cheeky Ducklett flying in the middle section if you’re sharp.
  • Magikarp – Magikarp just bounces up and down in the shallow water on the far side of the middle section. Idiot.
  • Comfey – Comfey can be easily found floating in the meadows at the end of the map.
  • Hoothoot – Sleeps in the hollow of the tree before you turn left to Taillow’s sign. You can wake it up if you feel like being mean.
  • Florges – Florges hangs out in the same meadow as Comfey and is without a doubt one of the single best Pokemon in the entire game, thanks.
  • Shaymin (after endgame) – Hangs out with Grookey and Pikachu like the legend it is.

List Of Pokemon In Florio Nature Park (Day) Rank 2

  • Tangrowth – All by its lonesome! Find Tangrowth in the little alcove on your left as you approach the end of the middle section. After moving past Bidoof’s dam and over the little bridge, look into your left before following the right bend towards Wurmple’s second location and Taillow’s sign. You should get an environmental prompt to interact with a tree here, which supposedly has fruit Tangrowth likes. Tangrowth is directly to the left of that.

List Of Pokemon In Florio Nature Park (Day) Rank 3

  • Scorbunny – Hangs around with Grookey and Pichu, but is a bit more of a show-off and sort of barges ahead from time to time. It’s alright, though – we all love Scorbunny.
  • Pidgeot – Pidgeot hangs out on your left after you turn into the middle section from the forest, on the ridge above where Dodrio lands and scares the Taillow off. You can also catch it scooping up a Magikarp if you’re savvy…
  • Heracross – Clinging to a tree on your left as you enter the forest after the first bridge. There’s also one on an island just past Bidoof’s dam, which will fly around for a bit if you lob an Illumina orb at it.
  • Vivillon (Garden Pattern) – Spawns behind you after you go past Taillow’s sign and towards the meadow – make sure to turn around or you’ll likely miss it.

And there you have it, a full list of every single Pokemon in Florio Nature Park (Day) – as well as where you can find them – for ranks one, two, and three. If you’re off to fill up your Photodex so you can make Todd Snap eat his hat, be sure to bookmark this list so you know where to find every single Pokemon in Florio Nature Park (Day), as well as which rank they appear in. Happy snapping. and remember to throw Illumina orbs at Florges so you can make it pose the way it is in the photo above!

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