New Minecraft Mod Lets You Grow A Pretty Garden

Enjoy the simpler things in Minecraft life with a new mod called BLOOM that lets you become a groundskeeper. That’s right, now players will be tasked with growing and restoring a beautiful garden in Minecraft similar to Animal Crossing, Harvest Moon, and, of course, Stardew Valley. This mod is all those slow-paced gaming vibes wrapped up into one nice package. It’s free to download now in the marketplace.

Those who truly enjoy customization will get that chance to not only repair the dilapidated and forgotten garden but can add their own unique touches. There are 30 unique plants to grow, foraging, fishing, and even good old-fashioned mystery solving. Also important to note, no monsters. You really have nothing to worry about in BLOOM besides deciding which flowers to plant, and how to lay things out. It’s quite a change from fighting off monsters in regular Minecraft gameplay.

Real life may have invaded Minecraft a little too much, such as when a player made a minecart ride that was a timeline of 2020. BLOOM takes a different direction, following Farm Life by moving at a slower pace. That mod was essentially an entirely new game inside Minecraft that also veered completely away from survival. It also clearly took inspiration from the popularity of farming sim games but kept the Minecraft charm.

Other free mods as part of the Community Celebration included Simburbia, a micro-city building experience, and Terra Swoop Force, which was more of an adventure. Since Minecraft came out, players have been finding ways to show off their creativity. One Zelda fan recreated  The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wilds’ Hyrule.

It’s nice to see these fully fleshed-out mods expand the world even more. Now the game can be more dynamic than ever for players who want different experiences. BLOOM should bring out the little gardener in all players. Thanks to the mod, we will surely see all the unique and gorgeous gardens flooding the internet. Some people who may not have a green thumb in real life can have it now thanks to Mojang.

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