New Microsoft Holiday Commercial Shows A Dog Playing Flight Sim And Hanging Out With Master Chief

It’s the holiday season, and Microsoft has a lot to be thankful for. The Xbox Series X/S are having a very successful launch (so much so that Xbox head Phil Spencer is even thinking about how to improve the pre-order process for the next generation). Microsoft Flight Simulator is once again the world’s best flight sim, and Minecraft is still a money printing scheme disguised as a game.

So what do you do when you’re swimming in cash before the holidays? Make a minute-long holiday commercial, of course.

This year, Microsoft’s holiday ad acknowledges the fact that we’re probably all just going to stay home and play video games. This family is all about playing their favorite games on their favorite Microsoft-branded devices, with son playing Halo Infinite (before everyone else, of course), daughter playing Minecraft, and Dad playing Microsoft Flight Simulator.

But what about our canine friends? They’re tragically being ignored in favor of digital enjoyment. So they fall asleep and dream that dogs are the stars of those games rather than humans.

It’s cute, especially when Rufus the dog brings back Master Chief’s grenade. The moment seems infinitely memeable, which is probably why someone on ResetEra has already turned it into a gif.

How the son seemed to get early access to Halo Infinite is a bit of a mystery, given how the game was delayed and there’s still no release date in sight. Recent rumors of a battle royale mode were shot down at the same time as an update on a release window, so we’re all left in the dark when it comes to Halo.

Microsoft Flight Simulator, on the other hand, is trucking along nicely. The reborn flight sim game will get full VR support on December 23, a feature that enthusiasts have been begging for since the game’s release.

And Minecraft is still doing Minecraft things. Never change, Minecraft. Never change.

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