New Mad Max-Inspired 'Full Throttle' Pistol Whip Update Available Now

Pistol Whip launched a brand new update today — the ‘Full Throttle’ update — with new modifiers and an additional free scene.

Cloudhead Games’ rhythm shooter Pistol Whip was one of the breakout VR titles of 2019. Since release, Cloudhead have continued to provide free content updates and listened to community feedback, adding modifiers and new levels (or ‘scenes’ as they call them) to the game across the last few months.

This new update, available now, introduces a new ‘Full Throttle’ scene and some new modifiers to the game. The Full Throttle scene is a Mad Max-inspired level laden with big monster trucks shooting across the level, as you can see in the teaser below. Cloudhead says the scene is the game’s hardest yet.

There are two new modifiers as well — Scavenger and One-and-Done. Scavenger is a drastic modifier that changes the game significantly, forcing you to pistol whip an enemy in order to reload. One-and-Done is, as the name suggests, a modifier that gets rid of armored enemies, meaning every enemy goes down with just one shot.

The update also includes new customization options such as wraps, metals and sounds, as well as a new Tac Ops pistol collection. Cloudhead noted that the update also “improves music synchronization across the board, and introduces new level design features to further empower future content updates.”

Cloudhead will continue to provide monthly updates for Pistol Whip until at least the Summer, while the Full Throttle update is available right now.

We’ll update this post with a full song playthrough as soon as we can.

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