My dream Xbox 360 remasters – Reader’s Feature

A reader makes some unlikely requests for remasters, ranging from Frontlines: Fuel Of War to South Park Let’s Go Tower Defense Play!

The Xbox and PlayStation brands have produced many great games over the years. A few of the great games that they have produced, that I have enjoyed, are from the PlayStation 2 and Xbox 360 era.

The games that I have most enjoyed were on the Xbox 360 and with the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 near the end of their life cycle there are quite a few games that I would love to see get a remaster. Below are the games what I feel deserve to be remastered on the next generation Xbox and PlayStation.

The Outfit (THQ)
This is one of the best shoot ‘em-ups for the Xbox, that I enjoyed playing in both single and multiplayer. This was originally an Xbox 360 launch title and offered a great campaign story along with a decent variety of options to use to fight your way through the levels. It added a great challenge to the player, as well as also added increased intensity in multiplayer and ensured hours of fun and enjoyment with friends online. Although single-player didn’t offer as much fun as the multiplayer it is still a great game to remaster and would allow newer players to enjoy this Xbox 360 classic.


Frontlines: Fuel Of War (THQ)

If there is one game THQ should be praised for it is shoot ‘em-up Frontlines: Fuel Of War. This was a first person shooter that not only offered a good single-player mode but also offered an impressive multiplayer mode. There were also various game types which allowed the control of vehicles, including helicopters and the option of placing various defences around the map. Based in the future, the game is actually well made for an Xbox 360 game and even today still holds up quite nicely for those who enjoy the Xbox 360 classics and would love to see it be remastered on next gen systems, and if possible a sequel.


Syndicate (EA)

If there is one shooter that helped the Xbox 360 become immensely popular it is Syndicate [Uh, what? – GC]. Like Frontlines, it is based in the future and was a great example of how first person shooters can be done right. It had a great story combined with multiplayer, great graphics, and good replayability. A next generation remaster of this game would give new gamers a chance to enjoy classic games from the past that they may have missed. Syndicate is one game that has been sadly, in my opinion, underrated and is worthy of a remaster.


South Park Let’s Go Tower Defense Play! (Microsoft Studios)

Arguably one of the best strategy games ever made for Xbox 360 under the South Park brand, this offered a great arcade experience while dealing with the limitations of the Xbox 360. However, this did not stop the game offering a wide range of content and a really great story mode, along with a multiplayer aspect. While The Stick Of Truth has been remastered this is one South Park game that deserves to not be excluded.

The Xbox 360 generation has produced many great classics and even today there are so many deserving of a remaster. The above are my personal choices which I’d love to see become a reality. With the Xbox 360 library being huge, and with many great games, there are still many today that I feel deserve to be given a remaster.


By reader gaz be rotten (gamertag)


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