Morkredd, An Xbox Exclusive Co-Op Puzzle Game, Comes To Game Pass This Year

The Xbox Series X has scored another Xbox Game Pass title slated to release shortly after launch. Morkredd (stylized Mørkredd), published by Aspyr and developed by Hyper Games (EGGGG: The Platform Puker) is coming to Xbox Game Pass in December.

The game also coming to Xbox One and PC; it’s an Xbox console exclusive. This is a two-player puzzle game, with each player controlling one character as the two work together to push an orb through each dark, shadowy level.

Mørkredd means “fear of the dark” in Norwegian, and using light and shadow effectively is essential to progress through the game. The orb is also the only thing keeping you safe, so stray from it and you could be in trouble.

You can check the trailer for Morkredd out below.

If you are not a Game Pass subscriber, you can also purchase the game for $20. It will be available on Steam, too. You also don’t need to play the game in co-op, but there’s no AI companion–if you play alone, you’ll be controlling both characters.

Specific Series X enhancements have not been outlined, but we’d expect the game to have faster load times on the next-gen Xbox.

Morkredd isn’t quite a launch title, but the Series S and X will still be brand new when it launches, as both consoles release on November 10 worldwide. Here’s the complete launch line-up for the new Xbox.

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