Monster Hunter Rise Okami event launches tomorrow: Update 3.2 patch notes revealed

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Monster Hunter Rise players will soon be able to take part in an Okami collab event. Amaterasu – the main character from Capcom’s iconic RPG – is heading to Monster Hunter Rise on Friday July 30. The news was revealed by the Monster Hunter Twitter account earlier this week.

The @MonsterHunter Twitter posted: “Awooo~The Sun Goddess Amaterasu heads to Kamura to restore nature’s balance.

“#MHRise x @OkamiOfficial collab coming July 30.”

The event quest reward will be the Ammy Costume, which is described as a Palamute layered armour set.

The Okami event launching this week is part of Monster Hunter Rise update 3.2, which became available to download today (Thursday July 29).

The patch brings with it various bug fixes as well as Arabic language support.

Full patch notes for version 3.2.0 were revealed in a post on the official Monster Hunter website.

Nintendo Switch OLED model announcement trailer

Here are the patch notes for the latest Monster Hunter Rise download…


New Event Quests will be available every week.

New DLC can be purchased from Nintendo eShop.

Arabic language support added.



Fixed a bug occasionally causing quests to be started while players still had their item box open.

Fixed a bug occasionally allowing players to place the same trinket twice when changing their room interior.

Fixed a bug occasionally causing only one color of layered armor to be changed when editing all colors at once via the Layered Armor Pigment option at the Buddy Smithy.

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Nintendo Switch OLED model announcement trailer

Fixed a bug occasionally causing discrepancies between the preview and the Buddy the player has with them when changing the color of Buddy layered armor.

Fixed a bug causing the content of Ikari’s dialogue to be incorrect when talking to him in a specific order at the harbor in the village.

Fixed a bug causing the controls to stop working if the player rapidly presses the A button when ordering a Motley Mix at the canteen.


Fixed a bug causing Goss Harag’s breath to look odd and have incorrect hit detection if the player pauses and unpauses the game during the breath attack.

Fixed a bug causing some monsters of unintentional sizes to appear as invaders in some quest info.

Affected monsters: Aknosom, Bishaten, Rajang, Teostra, Apex Mizutsune, Apex Rathalos, Apex Zinogre.

Fixed a bug preventing monsters that are repelled by weapon attacks while they are stuck in a trap during a Rampage Quest from being counted towards the “Repel using a weapon” sub-assignment.

Fixed a bug occasionally causing Apex Mizutsune to keep using its breath attack even while in a downed state.

Fixed a bug causing Teostra’s dust to remain on screen if he gets slain while creating it.

Fixed a bug occasionally preventing monsters from moving if the player uses a Wailnard to lure them under specific circumstances.

Fixed a bug occasionally preventing some damage from being dealt under specific timing, when hitting Crimson Glow Valstrax with certain attacks (like the charge blade’s Axe: Amped Element Discharge) while it’s absorbing energy.


Fixed a bug occasionally causing all on-screen information to disappear if the player enters a tent after being hit with a restraining attack.

Fixed a bug causing the player character to vocally respond to a request for help if they’re in a tent while another player arrives.

Fixed a bug causing the Hunting Horn to activate a melody when the player starts a Magnificent Trio under specific circumstances.

Fixed a bug causing the target setting on a monster to be removed if the player sets the Radial Menu Settings to Type 2, and then performs certain actions after opening the Custom Radial Menu.

Fixed a bug occasionally causing the player to quick travel to the upper area instead of the lower area during the “The Allmother” quest.

If the player gets hit just as they deliver a transport item, a message saying that the item was broken would appear even after delivering it. This has been fixed.

Fixed the game so that if the player changes the Menu Loadout in the Radial Menu Settings, the new loadout is properly maintained after quitting the game.

Fixed a location in Area 1 of the Lava Caverns that the player would not be able to jump over if they’re riding a Canyne.

Fixed a bug preventing “Ammo Up” from being activated if the player activated this skill using a decoration on their weapon, and then switched weapons or changed back to their original weapons.

Fixed a bug causing Buddy attacks to ignore the Flinch Free skill.

Fixed a bug causing a luminous line to appear beneath the chin of the player character if Makeup/Paint 30 is set to luminous.

Fixed a bug preventing collected monster drops from being counted towards optional subquests during the “Serpent Goddess of Thunder” and “The Allmother” quests.

Fixed a bug occasionally causing the player character model to be bent at the waist if the player used a kunai after being canceled out of a Wyvern’s Fire by taking damage.

Fixed a bug preventing the player from using the charge blade’s Sword: Morph Slash after dodging in sword mode.

Fixed a bug causing the charge blade’s Sword: Return Stroke to be performed instead of the Sword: Forward Slash if performed right after a dodge in sword mode without touching the left stick.

Fixed a bug preventing the gunlance’s Artillery skill compensation from being applied to Fire element parts when using Shelling, Charged Shelling, or Strong Charged Shelling.

Fixed a bug causing connection errors and crashes if the player has more than 15 status icons in total.

Fixed a bug causing severe angle correction when pressing X+A after the charge blade’s Counter Peak Performance.

Fixed a bug causing invincibility to be canceled due to a hit stop when using the dual blades’ Demon Flight.


Fixed a bug preventing defense bonuses from being properly displayed on the equipment confirmation screen at the Arena.

Fixed the brightness change animations for some effects to be a bit smoother.

Fixed a bug causing the old name of a Buddy to be displayed during a quest if the name of the Buddy is changed during online play.

Fixed a bug occasionally preventing monsters from responding correctly when they are launched towards a vent in the Lava Caverns from a specific angle.

Fixed a bug occasionally causing quest info to appear incorrect if the player rapidly switches between “Ready” and “Exit Standby” during online play.

Fixed a bug occasionally preventing a Lucky Life icon from disappearing after collecting it, due to connection latency.

Fixed various text bugs.

Other miscellaneous bug fixes have been made.

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