Monster Hunter Rise How To Farm Quality Stomach

Finding a good Quality Stomach can be very tough in Monster Hunter Rise, particularly because the monsters that drop such an item are way too easy to ignore, and if you ever happen to kill one, you probably won’t be carving the corpse, because they just seem so useless.

Well the joke is on you, and me, and all of us, because in MHR you’ll find that High Rank top-level weapons will often requires materials harvested from either the most basic of gathering nodes, or the most humble looking of monsters.

In this guide we’re going to lead you to exactly where you can find Quality Stomach in MH Rise, so you can fill your Item Box and get crafting all of those precious weapons and armour sets.

Which Monsters Drop Quality Stomach In Monster Hunter Rise

If you’ve been spending time hunting for Quality Stomach and have harvested every monster possible, then you either have missed one, or you’re not the right rank for it. If you want Quality Stomach in MHR, then you will need to hunt for the humble Altaroth.

Altaroth are the green ant-like insects that you will sometimes see carrying coloured materials back to their nests. They live in every single area in Monster Hunter Rise, but since they’re never aggressive, you’ll likely never think about actually harvesting them for goodies.

But beware, you can only find Quality Stomach if you are playing a High Rank quest. If you are not participating in a High Rank quest, you will not be able to harvest Quality Stomach. If you’ve freshly arrived in High Rank, just focus on Gathering Hub quests and let your team deal with the monsters while you harvest materials. Cheeky, but it works.

Monsters To Hunt For Quality Stomach

  • Altaroth (High Rank)

Where To Find Altaroth In Monster Hunter Rise

Altaroth can literally be found in every map in Monster Hunter Rise, but that doesn’t make finding them simple, since they’re so small and easy to miss.

You should start your hunt in the Shrine Ruins, where you can easily find Altaroth in the middle of the map, area 8, and again at the Northernmost point of the map, area 12.

Once done with the Shrine Ruins head on over to the Sandy Plains, which might be the best spot to hunt Altaroth. You can find Altaroth all over here, but be aware that in both areas the types of insects that spawn may change with the time of day, and each time you load into a level.

Locations To Find Altaroth

  • Shrine Ruins
  • Flooded Forest
  • Frost Islands
  • Sandy Plains
  • Lava Caverns

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