Miz Raids Small Streamer, Gets Him 500 Subs

A small streamer going by “salmonboyyy” on Twitch received a hurricane of love, support, and subscriptions after a large raid from Mizkif. Although it isn’t uncommon for smaller streamers to get overwhelming hosts, this one was particularly energetic because it resulted in over 500 gifted subscriptions.

The raid was the result of a passing whim when Mizkif decided to do some good for another streamer. After considering a few options, Miz handed over more than 4,500 viewers to salmonboyyy, who had previously been entertaining a crowd of around 30.

Mizkif had a bit of fun before initiating the raid, joining salmonboyyy’s chat and telling him to dance in order to get a good reaction – and boy, did he get one. The small streamer seemed to be in disbelief as he frantically pulled up a funky tune to jam to.

It didn’t take long for the army of viewers to hype up the small British streamer; One generous Twitch user by the name of “binarypower” started things off by gifting him 300 subs, buying him hundreds more as the stream progressed.

By the end of the stream, salmonboyyy had been gifted over 500 subscriptions – which is nothing to yawn at. He also gained almost 500 followers from the ordeal, adding to the raid’s value. Salmonboyyy ended the broadcast by raiding yet another small streamer, passing along the good deed.

It should be noted that the Twitch streamer demonstrated particularly good taste by choosing to dance to “Soda City Funk,” created by an indie artist called Tim Legend. In addition, the streamer used a YouTube video from a small-time Korean artist who drew up an incredible animated music video for the tune.

Mizkif has been particularly generous lately, recently donating $2000 to fellow Twitch content creator Alec Ludford during one of his gardening streams. He certainly isn’t the only big streamer to help out others either. In general, it is great to see Twitch’s leaders expose smaller creators; There is always undiscovered and/or underappreciated talent lying dormant on the platform. As far as salmonboyyy, whether or not he can continue the momentum from Mizkif’s raid will depend on his future content’s quality and consistency.

Sources: Twitch, YouTube

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