Mission:ISS’ Magnopus Acquires XR Design Studio REWIND

In the latest acquisition news British virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) specialist REWIND has announced its now joined Magnopus, another prominent immersive design company that has worked on projects including Disney’s remake of The Lion King.

REWIND has worked on a number of well-known experiences for global brands such as Red Bull, BBC, HBO, Jaguar, Paramount, and Universal Pictures. Danny MacAskill’s VR Ride Out appeared in Amsterdam last year, where shoppers heading to the city’s Ride Out bike store could test a one-of-a-kind bike rig and ride the dizzying Collies Ledge in the Isle of Skye, Scotland. Its Universal Pictures collaboration was for Universal Monsters Presents: Bride of Frankenstein holoride, an in-car entertainment experience in collaboration with Ford.

As for Magnopus, its credentials include Mission:ISS, an interactive experience about life on the International Space Station (ISS). The company also worked on Disney Pixar’s Coco VR as well as many more immersive projects.

“We’re thrilled to join the Magnopus group and it represents a landmark step in our company’s transformation. We were already at an inflection point as we sharpened our offering to focus on hybrid, real-time experiences, now we are ushering in a new chapter. This acquisition will not only fuel our growth but build a transatlantic powerhouse,” said Sol Rogers, CEO and Founder of REWIND in a statement. “We have worked together on many projects over the years, so it feels good to be able to officially call the entire team at Magnopus our colleagues.”

“We’ve always admired REWIND and enjoyed working with them. The team is brimming with talent so this acquisition has just given us a turbo boost on our journey toward big things we’ve been cooking up. Together we’re stronger and I’m incredibly excited about what we’re building now. Our ambition is to continue to bring great experiences into the world while empowering others to do the same,” Ben Grossmann, Co-Founder of Magnopus adds.

Magnopus and REWIND have yet to reveal any new projects just yet. When they do VRFocus will let you know.

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