Minecraft: Everything You Need To Know About Turtles

New mobs are constantly being added with every Minecraft update, to make the world feel more complete and inhabited. One of the biggest updates ever was the 1.13 Aquatic update, which significantly changed Minecraft worlds by introducing underwater ruins and shipwrecks, as well as new mobs like the Drowned, dolphins, and turtles.

Turtles in particular are interesting mobs due to their unique behavior. They’re not incredibly common, and breeding them is a task that can be difficult, especially if hostile mobs happen to get in the way. If you’re interested in knowing more about 1.13’s adorable turtles and what they’re good for, this guide is for you.

They Spawn Only On Sandy Beaches

Just as one would expect, turtles don’t spawn just anywhere. They need a very specific environment to thrive in. They’re most commonly found on beaches, but this needs to be a sandy beach, rather than a stony or gravel beach biome. Anywhere there is sand and water, there are most likely also turtles.

Turtles will usually spawn in groups as well, so if you spot one turtle, chances are there are more swimming or moving around so keep an eye out for them. There’s also a small chance of babies spawning but this is much rarer.

They Drop Seagrass And Wooden Bowls

Turtles aren’t that useful to kill, mainly because what they drop isn’t all that special. They have a decent chance of dropping some seagrass when slain, and the chance goes up when using a sword with a Looting enchantment.

However, if turtles happen to be hit by a lightning strike, which is incredibly rare but still possible, they have a chance of dropping at a wooden bowl upon death. The event is so uncommon that it was first believed to be a bug by some players.

Babies Drop Scutes When Growing Up

The main reason why turtles are interesting and useful is because of their scute. When a baby turtle grows up, it will drop its scute, which the player can pick up and use as a crafting ingredient. Five scutes are enough to craft a Turtle Shell, which can be used as a helmet.

The helmet is actually special, because it gives the player 10 seconds of water breathing underwater. Moreover, the helmet can also be used as a crafting ingredient when making potions.

Adding it into an awkward potion will turn it into a Potion of the Turtle Master, which will gives the player Resistance III, as well as Slowness IV for 20 seconds. It’s a decent potion when a player wants to tank damage for a short period of time.

They Can Be Led With Seagrass

Transporting turtles can be a bit of a challenge, though the process is made easier with the use of seagrass and boats. Turtles, like any other mob, can be lured by holding their favorite food in front of their noses. Grab some seagrass, and turtles will follow you anywhere.

Turtles can’t be attached to leads, but they can be pushed into boats and transported that way. Minecarts also work as a method of turtle transportation.

They Have Many Predators

The concept of predators has been explored a bit in Minecraft, with wolves attacking sheep for instance. When it comes to turtles, this mechanic was expanded. Turtle eggs actually attract a variety of hostile mobs to them and will prompt them to attack.

Zombies of all kinds, skeletons of all kinds, as well as otherwise passive mobs such as ocelots, wolves, cats, and foxes are attracted to turtle eggs and can trample them, essentially destroying them. This is why it’s important to have turtles breed inside a safe area.

They Have A Home Beach

Turtles are very particular about their home territory. Once a turtle spawns on to a beach, they’ll always remember that as their home. No matter how far away they are, they are likely to return to their home beach at some point, especially when they are bred and need to settle down.

Eggs are the main indicator of a turtle’s home beach. Using a Silk Touch pickaxe, you can actually move a turtle’s home beach somewhere else if you replace the eggs without breaking them. It’s a great way to ensure your turtles always come back, assuming you’re letting them roam free.

Turtle Babies Are The Smallest Mob In The Game

Nothing in Minecraft is quite as small and adorable as the baby turtle. It’s easily the smallest mob in the game as of 1.16. In fact, the baby turtle is so small that if it finds itself stuck on soul sand, it will most likely suffocate. This is something you need to consider when breeding them.

To help a baby turtle grow faster, simply feed it more seagrass, similarly to how you would feed wheat to a baby cow or carrots to a baby pig. While we’ve unsure why anyone would want these babies to grow up faster it is useful if they get stuck.

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