Minecraft Dungeons Creeping Winter update start time and date, early DLC patch notes

Minecraft Dungeons Creeping Winter release date is fast approaching, with Mojang and Microsoft set to rollout the major DLC update soon. The last big Minecraft Dungeons DLC was the Jungle Awakens patch that was released in July. And, as the name suggests, the inbound Creeping Winter update will change things up – moving Minecraft Dungeons players away from the wilderness seen in the last DLC pack to snowy, wintery biomes and mountains.

The Minecraft Dungeons Creeping Winter DLC will also add new enemies, new hazards such as frozen paths as well as new levels to clear.

Alongside it Mojang will also push out a free update which adds new NPCs to befriend.

The Minecraft Dungeons Creeping Winter update has a release date of Tuesday September 8, Mojang has confirmed.

The official Minecraft Dungeons Twitter announced this release date last month saying: “As an endless freeze engulfs the land, only a true hero can fight the frost! Creeping Winter DLC arrives September 8th!

“Plus, there’s a free update featuring Daily Trials and new camp merchants. Not forgetting the game’s physical release in stores!”

A start time has not been confirmed yet for the Minecraft Dungeons Creeping Winter DLC.

But the last Minecraft Dungeons DLC – the Jungle Awakens update – was released at 8am BST for those in the UK, and at 12am pacific time and 3am eastern time in the States.

Ahead of the Creeping Winter release date the official Minecraft Dungeons outlined what fans can expect from the patch in a post online.

Kelsey Howard, the senior creative writer at Mojang, said: “The Creeping Winter DLC brings a wintry storm that threatens to consume all it touches. The only chance of halting the biting frost is for a hero to take on new missions and relentless new enemies! Since no good deed goes unrewarded, let’s say it’s finders keepers on all the new armour, weapons, and artifacts you’ll run into along the way. Just watch out for chilling new mobs and slippery ice on your way to save the day!

“We’re also rolling out a free game update on September 8 that will include some fresh features: new merchants and Daily Trials. Save captured Merchants you encounter as you play the game and they’ll be so grateful that they’ll set up shop in your camp! 

“The Blacksmith will upgrade items for you, and the Gift Wrapper will allow you to trade items with other players in multiplayer. The Merchants can also be levelled up for additional stock. The Daily Trials will provide fun new challenges every day! Daily Trials make wild changes to the game mechanics which provide difficult, experimental, or fun challenges for you to overcome.”

Howard also added that on Tuesday September 8 the physical editions of Minecraft Dungeons will be released for the PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

The Hero Edition of Minecraft Dungeons includes the Jungle Awakens and Creeping Winter DLC as well as unique cosmetic items like a cape.

Minecraft fans in Japan will have to wait a little longer for the PS4 physical edition which has been pushed back by a month due to production delays.

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