Microsoft Applies For Halo: The Endless Trademark

Halo Infinite's campaign launched yesterday but Microsoft isn't done just yet. Aside from the multiplayer seasons in the works, it's clear that 343 Industries also has plans for the story – what shape that takes, whether a DLC or sequel, remains to be seen. But we have something to go off of. It has applied for a new trademark – The Endless- which might not seem like much for those who haven't completed the campaign. But the ending directly ties into this name.

Spoilers for Halo Infinite's campaign ahead.

Throughout the campaign, a mysterious, looming threat is teased. They're said to be "worse than the Flood," serving as an entirely new species that threatens the Array. Yet, at the end of the game, we never meet them. In fact, right at the finale, there's not even a glimpse at what they look like. It's all hype, but that might be because Infinite's story isn't done just yet. That mysterious looming threat? The Endless.

The name lines up with Infinite's campaign, the big tease dangled throughout on an energy-sword-shaped hook, but whether it's an expansion, spin-off, mobile game, or something else entirely is up for debate – all we have to go on right now is a trademark application. However, the "goods and services" statement list it as "downloadable game software." Sure sounds like DLC.

343 Industries' game plan with Halo Infinite's campaign isn't clear – it might continue to launch yearly expansions to build on the story, and Endless could simply be the first of many (or a handful of) chapters. The end of the game does feature Atriox going into the Ring to free the Endless, so perhaps they'll succeed, unleashing a new threat for Master Chief to take down.

Or it could be a sequel – info is scarce, and we don't know when 343 Industries will reveal what Endless really is. But we know something is in the works, something that is no doubt tied to this new and mysterious species that's supposedly more dangerous than the Flood.

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