Mass Effect Randomiser Mod Creates Pure Chaos

We cover a lot of interesting Mass Effect mods at TheGamer, but this is the first time I've stumbled across one that actively encourages players not to download it. Which of course, only made us want to take a look at it even more. And wow, it's easy to see why it comes with this warning.

Chaos Mod for Legendary Edition Mass Effect 3 sounds like it makes the game borderline unplayable. With the mod installed, you'll experience a random event every 20 to 40 seconds – with the effects ranging from clipping through walls… to instantly dying. Chaos Mod comes with 101 random events in total, making for one of the most challenging runs you can imagine.

"Disclaimer: This mod is unfair," say mod creators, Strife The Historian and Tajfun403. "The effects it generates range from funny to annoying to lethal, and I am not sorry for it. If you do not wish [for] such an experience, feel free to experience something else."

The description continues: "The mod will load effects from an arsenal of 101 every 20 to 40 seconds, and you will be at its mercy. Pausing the game will pause the effect timers, which means you can't wait them out, and the only way to escape is to give up and quit out."

The creators warn that even if you survive the random events, they may place you or an essential enemy out of bounds, making missions impossible to complete. It's therefore heavily encouraged that you save often, so as to not render your run completely dead – just frustrating.

As you can see in the images shared on the Nexus page, the mod doesn't hold back. Whether it's being turned into a sluggish Elcor, or seeing Shepard's head detach from their body, there's no shortage of ways to mess with your next playthrough of Mass Effect 3. Of course, install at your own risk, but there's no chance that you'll be bored with this downloaded, at the very least.

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