Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3’s Fantastic Four DLC Includes A New Story Campaign

The patch notes for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3’s upcoming Fantastic Four DLC have hit the internet and revealed a few key details about what players can expect. In addition to new playable characters and an increased level cap (now at 300), a post-game story campaign will be included that expands upon the main game’s narrative. It will feature Dr. Doom as the antagonist and it seems he’ll be transforming into God Emperor Doom at some point.

If you aren’t keen to spend $20 just to get a new story expansion, a free update will allow players to experience a stripped-down slice of the action. Details about the length of this new campaign weren’t given, but the free version will probably contain a single chapter to whet the appetite. The season pass for Ultimate Alliance 3 is a one and done deal, so you either get the entire shebang or nothing.

The rest of the patch notes are a little vague. Something about “limited-time events” is mentioned and there’s the nebulous “new costumes” and “new voice lines” to obtain. Most of this update follows what previous DLC releases have contained. It’s mostly just more stuff for players to dig into.

The previous DLC packs for Ultimate Alliance 3 were definitely underwhelming, but having another story mode to play through sounds like a good time. Marvel fans probably got their fill with all of the new characters, but at least the more casual among us can dig into something more substantial.

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