Mario Kart Tour Teases Upcoming Winter Tour With New Merry Mountain Course

As the Mario vs. Luigi Tour comes to a close, Nintendo is giving us a sneak peek at the Winter Tour, scheduled to kickoff on December 1. While it didn’t release any information about new karts or riders, a tweet from the official Mario Kart Tour account revealed a brand-new course for the mobile game – Merry Mountain.

The single image included in the post shows off a Santa-themed Mario and Rudolph-themed Yoshi, along with a sleigh and mechanical mushroom karts. Both of these characters are already present in the game – thanks to last year’s event – but we’re sure some new content will make an appearance on December 1 beyond Merry Mountain.

In fact, look close enough in the new image of Merry Mountain and you can see another racer lingering behind Mario. Some internet detectives think it might be a Christmas-themed Bowser – and we hope they’re right.

As for the Merry Mountain course, it’s hard to say what it’ll look like. The image posted by Nintendo shows off a Christmas-themed village, but all we really see is Yoshi and Mario racing up a steep road in the middle of town. We do know, however, that it’s a course new to the Mario Kart franchise and exclusive to Tour.

Mario Kart Tour has been great about releasing new expansions on a regular basis. It seems that every month there’s a new Tour going on, giving you access to exclusive characters, karts, and courses. The Mario vs. Luigi Tour is the most recent event, although we’ve also seen a Sunset Tour, Halloween Tour, and a 1st Anniversary Tour over the past three months. Each one gave you loads of gear to unlock and new courses to race on, keeping the mobile game alive and well despite competition from KartRider Rush+ and the its increasing age.

The Winter Tour kicks off tomorrow, and we’re excited to see what gifts Nintendo has in store for us with the holiday themed event.

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